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DIY Beauty Recipe – Peaches & Cream Glow Mask

I am posting my first natural beauty recipe. This one is great for dry, dehydrated, sensitive or mature skin.It’s nourishing and moisturising. It takes 5 minutes to make and is so much cheaper than buying a mask. Best of all, it has no harsh chemicals and preservatives.

This recipe makes one treatment.

  • 1 tbsp heavy cream
  • Half of a very ripe, small, peeled, peach

Use a pestle and mortar or a bowl and fork tomash the peach, combine cream and smooth.

Smooth mixture on to your face and neck lie down and leave for 30 minutes. Because of the creamy consistency use a towel on your hair in case it drips. Rinse with a  warm cloth (muslin is best if you have one but an ordinary face cloth will be fine)

Enjoy gorgeous skin!

I will post mask recipes for other skin types soon.

Amy x

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  • Desireediaz

    Wow i’ll try it really soon!!

  • Wright81

    Thanks so much for a great recipe! I love trying these … they smell amazing and feel even better!

    Have you tried a yogurt mask? I got a recipe online and I love it but I’m not that sure how often to use it.

    • Amy

      I would use a yoghurt mask once a fortnight

  • Kirsten

    I think I would eat it well before it got to my face!

  • Kate

    Mmmm…I bet this smells lovely!!

  • Louise

    Cool, thanks will try this!

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