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Personalised Video Make-Up Consultations

I’m so excited to offer tailor made personalised make-up makeover videos. These videos will be created based on your needs, look, style, colouring.

Watch this quick video to see why I decided to offer this service. People say I talk to much haha!

[flv:http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie/wp-content/themes/dazzledust25/flvcontent/videomakeover_blogentry.flv 454 255]

To find out more or to contact me click here

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  • Lisa

    Great Idea! It’s so wonderful to be able to do something you love while making others happy!

  • Julie

    I love this idea. Do you want us to email you and request what we’d like?

  • http://style-basics.blogspot.com/ Marta

    Great idea! :)

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