Pink, it was love at first sight…

purple frogs !

Ok so the title of this post is a line from the infamous Aerosmith song ‘Pink’. Everything in this picture makes me happy. Pink makes me smile. It cheers up miserable dull Irish days, you know those days that don’t get bright.

I have found myself buying quite a lot of pink items over the years. Pink things draw my eye and capture my attention. I was once even referred to as a ‘pink’ (I wasn’t entirely sure how to take that comment, but decided it was probably true haha)

Oddly enough most shades of pink do very little for my complexion but I simply don’t care. Is there a colour that has this effect on you?

I’ve chosen 5 of my favourite pink items to share with you :)


MAC Dollymix Blush


OPI Shanghai Shimmer – My current favourite


I use this notebook to keep notes  on make-up



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