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Pink Lipsticks from Essence -Cheap and Cheerful!

I picked up a couple of Essence lipsticks in the cosmetic isle of my local supermarket the other day. I chose the lightest pink called Frost and a medium pink called Kiss You. They cheap and cheerful but are they even worth €2? Here are some pictures…

L to R:  No.01 Frosted and No.43 Kiss You

Ok so the packaging is pretty tacky but to be honest that doesn’t really bother me. Anyway I suspect that this brand are not trying to appeal to the twenty something lady but rather young teens. Oddly enough, this does’t put me off – maybe I’m a fourteen year old at heart!

L to R: Kiss You and Frosted

And some swatches….

The pros? Definitely the scent – they smell like bubblegum. They’re also quite glossy.The consistency is very sheer but smooth despite the shimmer. They also feel quite moisturising but I suspect that this is thanks to the glossy nature of the lipstick rather than added moisturisers.

Frosted in more shimmer than pigment but then again I think that’s the point. The Kiss You is more pigmented but it only adds a sheer coating of colour to the lips. That being said this shade is very similar to my natural lip colour. I must try it over concealed lips.

Unfortunately neither lipstick lasted long, not really a shocker though. They have the staying power of the Claires Accessories lip gloss which I really like so clearly longevity doesn’t put me off, I’m all about the pretty.

All in all a fun, cheap purchase but not something that will make it into my make-up bag permanently. I will play around with the medium pink a little more in the future though.

If Essence had been on sale when I was fourteen and I saw these two lipsticks I would be one happy girl! Unfortunately I’m getting on in age and so is my taste…sometimes :)

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