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Pointy Nails Trend – What do you think?

I’m really not feeling the 70’s inspired pointy nails trends. I recently saw a photo of both Rihanna and Lady Gaga sporting the witch nail look.

I’m just scared.


*Image from

For me, sharply pointed nails conjure up images of the witch in Hansel and Gretal.


What do you think?


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  • robert chacon

    Creepy, not attractive unless its for a costume.

  • Anya

    I like them as long as they are short but being an anime nerd I’ve always liked pointed nails. Believe it or not I have a much easier time doing things with the points than the squares. They also make my fingers look longer and more elegant :)

  • stop nail biting

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  • Michele

    Love them you have to be trendy, outgoing, with a taste for fashion to pull this off. Its not for the commons lol

  • tinaa marie

    i have pointed nails like lady gaga status nails and i loveeee themm they r soo nice even thoe my family hates themm i lovee them !!

  • Sonny

    I’m surprised that not one person has said they enjoy these nails! I, personally, find them to be fantastic. I’m completely in love with the pointed nail and this photo only helps me to realize that mine are not pointed nearly enough. They’re edgy and give of an industrial/goth feel that obviously not all women are going to enjoy but hey it’s not for everyone!

  • Oshinsr

    No. It looks like claws.

  • Melanie

    It is super-scary. But I hate pointy things in general. I have no idea why. But they make me run away.

  • Stacey

    absolutely not, they’re creepy!

  • Karen

    I find them so tacky, i remeber having something similar for halloween when i was around 8!

  • julie

    I’m no witch lol I have very long nails but don’t like this look. Amy have you heard about the new katie Perry colours launched through OPI they are amazing the top coat is black but when dry gives a tiger print affect on your nails looks like nail art but very cool i got mine from Aveda salon :)

  • shinyspoons

    they remind me of those false halloween witch nails ha ha i wouldnt be on for them either x x

  • M

    I keep up with most nail trends, but this is one I’ll gladly skip!

  • robyn

    I don’t like them either. i think they are kinda weird and very villianesque.

  • Lieenie

    AAgh I do so much damage with my rounded nails (I’ve only scarred myself and 1 other person) Everyone would have to look out if I had actual claws!! : -O

  • Claire

    I hate this style, but I have had to do it on a couple of clients. I think they are just impossible to work with and much prefer the oval shape.

  • Laura

    1 word…… HORRIBLE!!

  • Michel

    I agree–more scary than showstopping. I personally wouldn’t wear that look.

  • Geo

    The elongated nail shape is kind of classic, but that looks overly pointy, like claws more than nails.

  • Ashley

    Ya I really don’t like that look.

  • Lyndsey

    Urgh no, sorry they look really awful!
    Can you imagine how careful you would have to be with your cleansing routine. One slip up and you would have a serious injury!!!

  • Tracey

    Im not a big fan. My friend does nails and on facebook she has alot of pointy nail photos. I have to say the designs she does are lovely. But prefer normal looking nails myself

  • J


  • Lucy

    I actually like it but not sure how wearable it is…

  • Denisa

    Too scary, I don’t like them. They also seem dangerous :)

  • Justine

    Personally I like short, filed square nails, but that’s just me, Whenever I see someone with long nails I think they are a witch lol.

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