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Polish Strips – Sally Hansen Salon Effects Range

I got my hands on some of Sally Hansen’s new Salon Effects Range. Rather than nail polish these are polish strips…

Left to right: Girl Flower, Wild Child, Kitty Kitty, Misbehaved



Wild Child, Kitty Kitty


Girl Flower, Misbehaved

What I really like about these is that you get everything you need in the box. I recently bought some Rebel Nails strips. Mid application I had to run around the house looking for a nail file and orange stick. They also come with instructions – believe me, I needed them the first time.

I have yet to try them but the strips are designed to last up to 10 days and are apparently easy to apply. We’ll see. I like the idea that there is no need for base coats, top coats and nail painting – basically everything I associate with a traditional polish application. The pack provides a variety of sizes to suit all nail widths but only enough for one full application. At €8 this seemed steep to me. Then again, I would pay a manicurist to do this and it would cost at least double. It will be handy around party season to have a week where my nails are done.

I’m looking forward to trying these out. I’d love to know what your thoughts are on nail strips versus nail polish.

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  • sarah

    where did you pick these up Amy? didn’t realise you could get them in Ireland :)

  • Yvonne

    I have been getting these from the US for the past few months and have been finding them fantastic. I have found that if your nails are a shorter length they will last up to the 10 days. I have used a lot of the patterns you have above and I love them all and get plenty of compliments where ever i go. Hwere did you buy them in Ireland? I think that €8 as I have been paying €12 to €15 plus delivery.

  • Aimee

    Can’t wait to see how these look. Will you post pics?

    • Amy

      Will indeed Aimee – was planning on trying misbehaved first


    How adorable is the flowery one!!! So cute

    • Amy

      Ha ha I know. Too cute

  • Carrie

    They look cool. As you said Amy these are a little pricey though. Will you review before I buy?

    • Amy

      Will indeed Carrie

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