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Mil Tóin Teolaí -All Natural Baby Bum Balm

I got my hands on some Mil All Natural Balm products recently and whilst I have been enjoying testing the lip and body balms, baby bum balms are a little out of my league. A friend of mine who has recently had a baby offered to put Tóin Teoilaí Baby Bum Balm to the test.

Tóin Teoilaí is Gaelic for ‘Comfy Bum’. It’s made with golden yellow beeswax, which is a great emollient and organic sunflower seed oil which acts as a protective barrier.  It also included Jojoba oil, and essential oil of chamomile which are both known for soothing and healing while vitamin E helps keep the skin healthy.

My friend, and said baby’s bottom, loved the product. She found it soothed and brought down irritation. She also loved that the product was natural and mentioned that a little goes a long way when you use a small amount at every nappy change to avoid nappy rash. I have been assured that she has recommended it to other mums in her Mammy and Baby group – that says a lot to me. Her final thoughts were – love the packaging, love the name, love the product.

Personally, using natural products on a baby would be essential for me. I wouldn’t contemplate smearing on lab made chemicals unless they were deemed necessary by a doctor or something. Just a personal preference.

I read that Tóin Teolaí can also be used on baby’s scalp for craddle cap and as an all over after bath balm.

Mil’s website for those of you who are interested, click here. Tóin Teolaí costs £6.99 – the prices are in British Pounds on the website so I’m not sure how much they cost in euro.

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