Press Release: Skin Essentials by Mariga

A new skincare range offering high end formulations at affordable prices

Skin Essentials by Mariga has been created by Wexford skincare specialist Mariga Sheedy to provide premium skincare without the premium price tag.

What’s different about Skin Essentials?

Most skincare companies spend huge amounts of money on packaging, advertising and celebrity endorsements for their products, passing the cost on to the consumer. I have turned this standard model on its head by putting the money where it counts – into the ingredients, so that the price you pay is for what’s IN the jar!

From hi-tech lab created proteins to plant extracts I have used the best ingredients from science and nature to create truly effective skincare solutions.

This capsule range is based around powerful serums. Each one is a scientifically balanced cocktail of highly concentrated active ingredients which supply the cells with the optimum dose of every component necessary to address a specific skin concern.
Each product in the range can impact skin function by providing the nutrition your skin needs to function at its best, giving you visible results.

Every item in the range is a treatment in itself and designed to be combined, layered, or used alone, creating great skin from deep within the cellular structure.

Skin Essentials products are not tested on animals, the packaging is recyclable and best of all Skin Essentials Ltd. is an Irish Skincare Company, serving the particular needs of Irish skin types.
Skin Essentials by Mariga is available from, Wexford or online at
Find out more about Skin Essentials by Mariga at:

More about is a small, private salon run by Mariga Sheedy. I have been a practicing beauty therapist for 20 years, working with many of the world’s largest skincare houses both here and in the UK, and have achieved the most extensive qualifications in the industry. I have spent the last 10 years running my own salon in Wexford Town.

While trained in all aspects of beauty therapy I have always had a passion for facial skincare and began specialising in this area over the last number of years, gaining a reputation for crafting unique, effective skin care treatments where technology and nature are blended to provide the most advanced solutions possible.

Although this is an exciting time in the beauty industry as regards new innovations and ingredients coming onto the market at a great rate, I have for some time been concerned that the ever increasing price tags have been putting great skincare out of the reach of the majority of people.

It was while researching new ingredients and formulations that I discovered just how much of the retail price of mass market products goes into advertising and packaging and the idea for creating my own range based on a different business model was born. With Skin Essentials I can offer my customers the opportunity to use quality products at a price that is affordable to them.
Skin Essentials by Mariga, a full range of professional and home care products, was launched in Wexford last month and is already giving amazing results and gathering lots of positive feedback.

Contact:, 76 The Faythe, Wexford Town, Co.Wexford
053 9145981

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