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Preview: “Candy Shock” by CATRICE (Limited Edition)



The next limited edition release from Catrice has caught my attention. Admittedly the name calls to me ‘Candy Shock’. But having checked out the imagery I am actually excited. Let’s have a closer look.

Catrice is the ultimate cheap n ‘cheerful pick-me-up. Each time I go to my local pharmacy to pick up something boring – prescriptions, toothpaste and what-not, I end up with at least one of their products in my basket. Their makeup is so cheap that it’s guilt-free for me. Not all of their products are for me, namely foundations and concealers but some of their products are worth checking out – nail polish, blush and lippies.

Here is a little preview of what is to come:

Candy Shock Soft Baked Eye Shadow €4.29





Light and delicate when applied dry, whilst more intense with or without metallic effects when applied moist. Two warm and two cool pastel shades are available: C01 I Scream: Ice Cream!, C02 Play It Blue, C03 Bring Me Peach and C04 It’s Honey Money.

Candy Shock Lip Balm Stick €4.49


These lippies have a transparent coat and colourful core. They provide intensive care and light colour dispersion. Available in the two colours C01 Bring Me Peach and C02 Sugar Shock.

Candy Shock – Lip Peeling €3.49

Real sugar crystals free your lips of excess skin cells and pamper leaving them soft and supple. Apply on your lips in small, circular movements using the flock applicator. Apparently it also has a fruity spring scent.

Candy Shock – Multi Colour Blush €4.99

This one will be mine! A combination of shades ranging from pale to rosy.  Available in the colour C01 Sugar Shock.

Candy Shock – Multi Colour Highlighter €5.49

This is another one I will absolutely have to try. Four tones that combine to make a highlighter. It’s said to leave skin looking radiant with matt and slightly pearly effect. Available in C01 Vanilla Love.


Candy Shock – Soft Nail Lacquer €2.79





Available in 4 shades:

  • C01 I Scream: Ice Cream! – Described as a Rosé tone although the photo doesn’t really match this
  • C02 Play It Blue – a light blue chalky matt shade
  • C03 Bring Me Peach – apricot, chalky matt shade
  • C04 Vanilla Love – a milky, cream tone

Candy Shock by CATRICE – Nail Sugar Pearls €3.49



3D Topping: micro beads for nail designs. Polish your nails with the Soft Nail Lacquer of your choice and then top with the mini sugar pearls. Available in the macaron shades C01 Cotton Candy and C02 Sugar Shock. It has to be said, I’m intrigued. Anyone tried anything like this? Sounds edible.

This collection is available later this month (May) and in June only. Catrice is available in pharmacies nationwide as well as select Dunnes and Pennys.

Does anything stand out to you?




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