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Preview – Isa Dora Wigwham Heavy Lashes Mascara

I love trying new mascaras. Even when I find a mascara that I like I tend not to repurchase, which is a little pointless. It just proves that as a make-up addict when I find a product I like, I can’t stop there. I need to try new products. God forbid I miss something. Ha!

I heard through the grapevine that IsaDora are releasing a  new mascara called Wigwham Heavy Lashes. Ok so the name isn’t exactly glamorous. Judging from the image I found the name must be inspired by the brush. I am intrigued by the “heavy lashes” reference.

The reason this mascara has grabbed my attention is that the sales spiel promises dramatic, smudge proof lashes and clumping. Clumping? It’s said to thicken the lashes and clumps them together – I’m not sure what to think considering we run around trying to find clump free mascara’s.

This is one that I will have to try. The idea that it is designed to clump scares me a little. I would imagine the idea is to create thick, heavy lashes that are grouped together. It could be one of those weird products that I end up loving. We’ll see.

I’ll buy it, try it and get back to you!

Isa Dora was my favourite make-up brand in my late teens. I still have a few of their eyeshadow quads, which I loved. My favourite was Crystal Mauve Eye Shadow Quartet – beautiful! I also repurchased their 3-D Glitter Gloss is Sparkling Crystals about 5 times. Other than gloss and eyeshadow I have never tried any of their other products.

The mascara will be available in pharmacies that stock Isa Dora products for €9.95 from mid September.

Have you tried any Isa Dora products?

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