Prize for my Forum’s Top User this Month

The M&B forum has been up and running for over a month now. I am both shocked and delighted with the amount of people who have set up their free accounts. I love the community feel here on Makeup & Beauty and that’s all down to my lovely readers.

I enjoy logging onto the forum in the evenings and reading your questions and your answers. It’s an invaluable way to learn new tricks, find out where the discounts are available and chat about our favourite topic.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has posted a question or an answer. As a thank you going forward I will enter the top 25 users into a draw at the end of each month and select one of you at random to received a little token of my thanks – a thank you of the beauty and make-up product kind :)

But for this month to start the ball rolling I have decided to send a little thank you to the top user this month – Tracey29 (2058 forum points). Congratulations Tracey – I picked her up a bottle of The Body Shop Sparkler (I have been loving mine this season) to thank her for her support.


At the beginning of each month going forward to top 25 users will be listed in a blog post and on the forum. After a winner is chosen at random I will update the post. All of these posts will be available in the ‘Forum’ category (listed under categories).


Some other top users:






Thanks ladies, thanks for stopping by to chat. Hopefully you will all be in next months random giveaway.


If you haven’t already, stop by the forum and have chat :) I look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you everyone!

Amy x

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