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Product Rave – Catrice Allround Concealer

Product rave time! It’s been quite a while since I’ve come across a product I really wanted to share with you. I have been on a mission to find good reasonably priced products. This is mainly due to the number of requests and questions I have received from YT subscribers who are on a tight budget.

catrice use

The product is by Catrice. To the best of my knowledge they are a German brand. Their products are generally sold in places that stock Essence. Their products are super cheap. I picked mine up at my local pharmacy.

I really like their nail polishes (one in particular…post coming soon!) and their lipsticks are average. I’ve only tried one of their eyeshadows, which I didn’t like so I can’t really comment on them.

Enter my favourite Catrice Product,  ‘Allround Concealer’ Palette. This palette is similar in style to the Make Up For Ever Camouflage Palette. Although it is not really comparable with MUFE version, it’s still great.

I paid €3.49 for  my palette, unbelievably cheap. It has 5 shades ranging from light to medium, it also includes a green corrector colour.

  • Beige – Covers imperfections
  • Cream – Concealer
  • Pink – Cover dark circles
  • Green – Neutralises redness

Bottom line, this is a very inexpensive product with a range of shades to deal with most problems areas. I would say that the concealer is quite sheer and is therefore not thick enough to cover major discolouration or breakouts but would definitely minimize them. Don’t expect miracles!

I’ll be buying this again!

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  • Pauline Flatley

    I bought my last Catrice Allround concealer in Germany – can you please
    tell me if the product is available in the South of England (I live on the
    Isle of Wight) and if I can get it by post from a store.

  • etabastet

    Hi! I’m from Romania,and I would like to buy this concealer palette but we don’t have it here…do you know some site where I could order it from? or anything like that…thanx…btw you can email me on b_etelka@yahoo.com.thanx so much!have a nice day

  • Laura

    Looks fab, wonder if you can buy that in the UK? x

  • http://www.dramaticappeal.blogspot.com/ Nancy

    Hello ladies,
    coincidently I am German and I can really recommend Catrice. If someone likes I can buy some stuff and send it to you!

  • http://www.dramaticappeal.blogspot.com/ Nancy

    Hey! By coincidence I am German and can really recommend this brand at least for the nailpolishes and concealer palettes.
    If anyone is interested, I can buy something and send it to you.

    • freya

      would you realy? just been to spain and bought some and i think its amazin! carnt get it in t uk

  • Maeviee

    i really wanna buy this! can u suggest any specific shops where its available?(in dublin)

  • http://www.makeup4all.com/ Marina(Makeup4all)

    Thank you for a review! Never heard of this palette. Right now I am thinking about which MUFE camouflage palette should I get #1 or #2. Which one do you like better and why? Thank you
    Did you read my PM @ twitter?

  • desiiGirl87

    i wonder where i could find this in england!

  • http://getgawjus.blogspot.com/ Sheefa

    some swatches would be great hun! do you know it this is available in the uk?

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