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Product Revival – Kat Von D Palette in Beethoven

This is one of my favourite palettes but over the past six months or so it managed to escape use. This was mainly due to poor make-up organisation on my part.

After a big tidy earlier this month (check out said organisation vid) I rescued my dear old palette and decided to give it some well deserved love.

When I saw these True Love palettes in Sephora last year I wasn’t even aware that Kat Von D had a make-up range. When I saw the stand, I scoffed to myself, making all sorts of assumptions about the brand and products without trying them. Let’s face it, make-up ranges by celebrities are usually abysmal. I’m glad I decided to swatch them, I couldn’t have been more wrong.


I love all of the shades in this palette. In fact, one evening I managed to use every shade in one way or another in the one looks, sounds crazy but it’s all about careful placement.

Eight pigmented, professional quality shades for $34 (€25), that is such a great deal. I wish her make-up line was available in Europe, we deserve access to fun products like this too. Boo Hoo! I would be very irritated if she released some new products and I had no access to them!

I was look forward to checking out her new products from her Christmas 2010 collection whilst in the US last month but somehow I managed to walk right by the Kat Von D stand. Annoying.

I have another one of her palettes which has been completely neglected. Maybe it’s time I dug it out and gave it some love too. If I remember correctly though, it was not Beethoven!

Have you tried any of Kat Von D’s products?

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