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Products for extremely fair skin

I cannot count the amount of emails and messages I have received from readers and viewers who are looking for a base light enough for porcelain skin. It is no easy task.

Case in point, MAC’s lightest shade is not light enough for some Irish skins. Even the foundations found in Boots that have names like ‘Porcelain’ and ‘Extra Fair’ have too much pigment in them. Often, when the they are light enough they will be pink toned and give a funny hue when applied to the face. Super fair girls, I may envy your skin but I don’t envy the task of finding products that are light enough.

Here are some great products for extremely light skin.


A very light base – Lush Jackie Oates Colour Base

This is a light, nourishing colour base designed for porcelain skin. It was inspired by the likes of Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore. It also contains a host of good ingredients like oats, honey and shea butter.

If you have never heard of Lush’s Skin Supplements, all you do is add some of it into your moisturiser. You can decide yourslef how much coverage you want, adding more pigment for more coverage. It costs €9.95 for a pot. It might seem small but bear in mind that it’s concentrated and is not meant to be applied straight from the pot.


Bronzer for fair skin

On another note, I came across a great bronzer for very pale skin. I know that it can be difficult to find one light and natural enough.

This one is from The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze Summer Collection and is designed for fair skin. Mine is in shade 02.



Touche Eclat in 01 by YSL is a great under eye concealer for very pale skins. It doesn’t add much colour, just light reflecting particles. It’s worth every penny if you have alabaster skin.



Benefit High Beam is the best highlighted I’ve come across for extremely light skin. It’s extremely light – it doesn’t work well on my skin, the contrast is too great.


Dainty Doll Cosmetics

Nicola Roberts (Girls Aloud) created a make-up line designed for very fair skins a few years ago. It was called Dainty Doll. It was on sale on a temporary basis and by the time I contacted them last year it was no longer available. Well the great news is that her line in now available from at the moment and will be in stores by the end of June. Harrods and ASOS will also stock the line I hear.

Dainty Doll

I never managed to get my hands on any of the products – it was my sister that I had in mind but they’re definitely worth a look if you find it difficult to shop for make-up.


Some other honourable mentions…

  • Chanel Blanc de Universel
  • Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation
  • Guerlain les Meteorites Compact
  • SKII Bases and loose powder
  • Dior Base de Teint

Have you found any good products for very fair skin?

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  • Amy

    Thanks for sharing girls. Keep ’em coming!

  • mana_bear

    Covergirls NatureLuxe foundation in their lightest shade wonderful, as is Tarte’s foundations. Tarte it is a bit to yellow for me, but I can make it work, NatureLuxe is perfect though, and Aveeno’s Tinted Moisturizer is amazing, it won’t cover any acne but it makes you look very lovely and glowy without looking oily, and it’s amazing on a hot Summer day, it didn’t melt at all. Covergirl Aqua Smoothers is really nice too, but I prefer the Aveeno TM to it.

  • Serena

    Hey! I went out and bought the lush jackie oates the other day and I absolutely love it! It is the PERFECT shade for my skin tone and it gives me the perfect coverage when I apply it with a powder brush.
    Also, because all the ingredients are natural, if I forget to take me makeup off at night, it doesn’t irritate my acne prone oily skin, like my usual revlon colorstay foundation does if i sleep with it on!
    9/10! The only downside I found is that it smells like fake peanuts haha!

    • Kelly

      I did the exact same thing! I had no idea Lush even did foundations, but so far so good (:

  • lashes

    hey guys, delighted with posts. Does any one have any advice on what body creams can be used on the body to make it less pasty looking. I have stopped trying to deal with fake tan and have just accepted it is not my friend so anyhow any recommendations on what creams can brighten and make pale skin look glowing on my arms and legs. thks

  • Esther

    I love tinted moisturizers. Covergirl Aqua Smoothers tinted moisturizer in the shade fair to light is so light and sheer that it works wonderfully. I can’t find any foundation that’s light enough, so I always stick to TM. Thanks so much for the post!

  • Eimear

    *extremely happy about Dainty Doll* :3

  • Becky

    Wow, thanks for this post! I didn’t even know Lush did foundations, I’ll be checking it out :)
    I’ve found Revlon Colourstay and Max Factor Xperience (? it’s X-something) to be light enough for me, as well as 17 stay perfect foundation. And the collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer is really light, and brilliant coverage too, especially for such an amazingly cheap concealer! I’ve found NARS have a really good range for pale skintones as well. I don’t really use bronzer much but if I’ve done fake tan on my body (just one application of gradual tanning moisturiser, not getting me to a normal person’s definition of “tan”) then I use 17 bronzing pearls in gold or rimmel bronzer in light matte (the matte is lighter than the shimmer). If I want an even lighter bronzer I use a pressed powder in a shade darker than my own, applied with a big fluffy brush. I think Bourjois do some that are more natural looking than matte.

  • Jo

    All those with pale skin MUST buy Barry M Creme Foundation in WHITE. I mix it in with my NW15 Studio scult and C2 Face and Body from MAC and it just lightens them up to the PERFECT shade. My absolute favourite product eVER! Jo x

  • Sarah

    You have no idea how helpful this is!! thanks a mill amy!! fair play to nicola roberts aswell! :)

  • Ash

    This is sooo perfect,Amy I love it, asi will use alight foundation and will have to blend it all down to my chest so it looks “natural” the bronzer is exactly what Ive been looking fort Estee lauder bronzer is perfect for summer when i catch a small amount of sun but in those pale stages i really need to find a good one ,will defo be checking these out

  • Kelly

    Nars Sheer Glow in Light 01 – Siberia is great too, I find, and I’d say I’m roughly an NC/NW 10 [if such a thing existed]. Great post, Amy!

  • Abbie

    Lily Lolo mineral foundations are really light and you can buy samples for about £1.25 to make sure that the colours correct as they’re an online retailer.. as i’ve tried bare minerals and it’s too dark for my skin tone.
    For liquid i’ve always used Revlon Colorstay, as I think it’s the only drugstore foundation that actually does a fair colour.
    A concealer that is really light is one from No.7 and it’s called quick cover blemish stick, it’s only good for oily skins as it can be drying.

  • Julie

    When I wasn’t self-tanning I used to struggle quite a bit with this, particularly in winter when I got super pale. I did used to find that Shiseido powdery foundation gave a nice level of coverage with a beautiful finish. I think these days it’s called Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation and it can be a little pricey but it was worth it.

    Amy, you’re so right when you mention the trouble with lighter products often being a problem for girls like me with a warm yellow undertone … I’m a girl with northern Italian parents and sometimes people incorrectly guess I have irish heritage, particularly if I colour my hair darker.

  • Shinyspoon

    Barbara daly foundations in tesco r super light n actually amazing I’m lighter than macs nw15 !! Xxx

  • Lorrrrrrrrraine

    Love the packaging of Nicola Robert’s range, can’t wait to give it a go.

    • Martina

      Hi, try “Face-it” Moisture foundation in “Porcelain”. Works perfectly on even the palest Irish skin and it is only €21.50.

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