Products I buy again and again

I have been reading quite a few blogposts and watching YouTube videos regarding re-purchasing. Many people have discussed their favourite products and discussed which items they buy time and time again. This got me thinking.

Products I buy again and again:

  • Aqueous Cream – Base cream from Pharmacy
  • Quinoderm Cream – for the odd breakout
  • Maybelline Lash Stilleto Mascara
  • Neutrogena 2 in 1 wash and mask
  • MAC Creme de Nude Lipstick
  • Revlon Colourstay

and that’s it!

I was quite surprised when I realised how few there were. I even struggled to think of these.

Clinique - 125DDMLAt the moment I need an oil free moisturiser. I have run out of Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel and Neutrogena Visibly Clear Moisturising Lotion.

The problem is I don’t think I want to repurchase either of these products. I liked both but didn’t love them. The Clinique gel is quite expensive and really these wasn’t a whole lot of difference between it and the cheaper Neutrogena cream.

Can anyone recommend a good every day oil free moisturiser?

Do you have many products that you buy repeatedly?

Amy X



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  • Sammie

    I see this is an old post, but I thought I’d recommend Olay Complete moisturizer. i use it every day and have repurchased over and over. my face feels moisturized all day.

  • Llora

    I love Lancome’s Primordial moisturizer. It works for me in the winter and summer, and smells pretty good. ( I hate the smell of “unscented” products )

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Completely agree with you. Fragrance free products just have a chemical smell!

  • Kat

    I’m so glad you mentioned Maybelline Lash Stilleto Mascara! I really like it but see so few talking about it. Before that one I used L’oreal Double Extend and loved it, you don’t even need to use the lash extender (white part). I also got conned into buying L’oreals version of Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes Mascara – which I’ve found to be completely worthless and unflattering.

  • Amy

    I use Garnier Skin Naturals Pure – Long lasting Shine control Mouisturiser and it works wonders for my skin, which is oily, especially in the mornings. Plus its very cheap :)! Its definately a product I buy over and over again, I highly reccomend it :D

  • Elaine

    The No7 Day Sorbet is fantasic for oily skin it retails at around 26euro.If you were looking for something cheaper the Neutrogenia oil free moisturiser is also very good,it dosent dry out your skin like some other cheaper brands and its only about 7euro…Bargin!

  • http://peoniesandwaterlilies.blogspot.com/ Fei

    I love the Clique DDG but like you I didn’t want to spend nearly £30 on what is quite a basic moisturiser so I tried loads of high street ones and the only one that didn’t give me spots was the simple light hydrating moisturiser. Nivea also do an oil free moisturiser thats meant to be quite good x

  • Lisa

    I really want to try the Neutrogena Visibly Clear lotion but I can’t seem to find it in Canada..

    My fav. moisturizer is the Olay Complete All Day with SPF 15 Moisturizers. They come in Normal Skin, Sensitive skin, and combo/oily skin.

  • http://melissainkiwiland.blogspot.com Melissa Lockey

    I love Aqueous Cream, its one of the few moisturisers that doesn’t irritate my body. I hardly ever rebuy, I always seem to have moved onto something else. I use Cetaphil as my daily facial moisturiser, it’s probably one of the things I have repurchased the most.

  • Kerri

    I absolutely love Clean and Clear Dual Action. I have tried alot of oil free moisturisers they never feel norishing enough, this one does and does not make me greasy and it prevents spots too (or at least it seems to)

  • http://adorkable-girl.blogspot.com Sarah

    Murad oil-control lotion is AMAZING! It is hydrating but also gets rid of shine. I heard about it from Lisasz09

  • http://katawagnerberg.blogspot.com Kata Wagner Berg

    I am using exactly the same moisturizer from Clinique. I like it. I do the 3 step way…
    For me Mary Kay products was the best to my skin but I can not find them In Hungary :(
    MAC I also like

  • angela

    hi amy…love the new website i watch your youtube videos all the time you have great tips and i love beauty aswell :-) its my guilty pleasure hehe i have combination skin and i use avene cleanance lotion it is amazing at keeping me oil free i just repurchased :-) i thinks its about £10 hope that helps xxxx

  • Anouk

    I love Olay Regenerist day cream. It’s for old people, but I’ve used it for 5 years now and I’m 22. I started using it because I read it works well for acneprone skin. It is actually the only day cream that doesn’t give me zits. I always go back to this day cream

  • Lainey

    Hi Amy. The moisturiser that I have absolutely fallen in love with is the cheap and cheerful ‘Johnsons 3 in 1’. I have struggled with oily skin since I was about 15 and then one day I was in tescos and found the johnsons 3 in 1. it was less than 2 euro, but i think that might have been a mistake. It completely changed my skin and left it feeling soft and oil free. Wearing make-up, i used to get a really shiny nose and forehead but using the johnsons and also garnier purifying pads which are quite severe and sting a lil but contain salicylic acid (only use once maybe twice a week), my skin cleared up and the horrible oilyness went away. I also bought the purifying pads (extra strong) in tescos for about 6 or 7 euro. They are fantasic in conjunction with the johnsons….for very little money! Hopes this helps people with oily skin cause it really really helped me and I’m one of those people who finds that nothing ever works on me!!! xx

  • nicole Orlacchio

    i will buy Clean & Clear Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer again and again and again!!!! its cheap and IT WORKS! my skin has never felt so soft and the smell is lovely

  • http://pasiphae-makeupart.blogspot.com Pasiphae

    With so many products out there it’s hard to resist not to try something new.

    As for moisturiser, why don’t you try something from Korres Natural products line? I am using the Alpine herbs anti-stress and anti-aging cream for oily and combination skin which is very good, but if you want something lighter there are other creams as well, like pomegranate or wild rose.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/sarahlittlecutie Sarah Smith

    Hiya Amy, Filthygorgeousmakeup did a youtube video about her faves/repurchases and she had the same moisturiser as I sometimes use (can’t use it all the time as my skin is too dry) but it’s clean and clear in the tube that is pink and purple, it’s cheap and cheerful! But you can see more info on her vid if you need it. Love your new website xx

  • http://www.makeup4all.com/ Marina(Makeup4all)

    I like DiorShow Unlimited a lot! I also like Garnier hand cream for extra dry skin (red). I had it for 4 times already. I like trying new products all the time :)

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