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Pür Minerals 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Review


Pur Minerals has been available in the US for over a decade but has only recently made it’s way to Irish and UK shores. It’s job is to provide coverage and also improve the quality of the skin. As a rule I usually pass on mineral makeup. I have tried a few versions before, some of which looked chalky and others that looked smooth but left me with a breakout. But I was encouraged by reviews I’d read so I decided to give this one a whirl.



According to the sales splurge the formula works to correct, prevent and correct common skin concerns and leave you radiant. I have been putting it to the test.It contains no harsh chemicals, dyes, fragrances and all that shebang just pure mineral pigments. It also contains an antiageing ingredient Ceretin Complex and SPF. Always a bonus.

It’s very easy to apply – swirl the brush in the product and swirl in into your skin. It’s convenient and easy to throw in your bag. It offers a matte, satin natural coverage and it doesn’t weigh down the skin. The two most important factors for me were 1. Would it break me out and 2. Would it look chalky. Negative on both accounts. That being said my skin isn’t dry at the moment either so there would be nothing for this foundation to cling to and dry out.



I read quite a few reviews before deciding to try it out on my own skin. There were people with acne prone, dry skin problems that raved about it. My skin in normal to combination at the moment. Normal in most places but oily around my chin. Some people with oilier skins complained about this stuff accentuating their pores, I didn’t find this but then again I’m not really that oily – I did once try Emani mineral foundation and my face was like a grease-ball after an hour. Some dryer skinned people like to use it over a moisturiser which is what I tend to do – moisturise, prime and then apply.

There are also some shades suitable for fair skins – something often lacking in the foundation department here in Ireland. The staying power on my skin was quite good – 7 hours or so. Of course this will vary from person to person based on skin type and climate.

A note on the packaging, it’s pretty. Let’s face it, pretty packaging counts. The lid clicks closed easily with no mess and it’s very sturdy. I should also point out that the brush is nice, dense and short. Does the trick. Some people prefer to use the Sonia Kashuk flat brush to apply this. I have yet to compare but will update when I do.

Pur Minerals is sold in Marks & Spencers (and on M&S online) – not somewhere I would even think to go and buy makeup these days but having tried the Filorga cream on sale there and loving it I think I’ll be popping back in to see what else they offer. Price wise this comes in at €33 / £24

If you like mineral foundations this is worth a try. If you’re a die hard fan of liquid foundation like me this probably won’t ring any bells for you.

Any mineral makeup fans? What have you tried?


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