Return of the blog & a bit of a waffle…

Yes, I have been a slacker. Major slackage in fact. Well no more, I’m back!

I’ll see you two to three times per day like I used to – morning, afternoon and/or evening. I have so much to talk about that it’s getting ridiculous. I made myself a list of topics I have been meaning to blog about, tips I had intended to share, products I wanted to review or swatch. You wouldn’t believe the length of the list.

So I shall be back with another post at lunchtime, I look forward to it!

For now, a bit of a waffle….

1. Christmas shopping

I’m about half way through my Christmas shopping. I’m quite proud of myself, I hadn’t even started two weeks ago. My gifts are sitting on the landing getting in the way though. I thought it was more sensible to wait until December to wrap them. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.


2. Brace Face

My braces have been in seven weeks already. On the first few days after they were put in my face hurt so much that I never thought I would feel normal again. But so many of you offered reassurance and advice. Aren’t ye great! I don’t even notice them anymore and best of all, the fang already looks better :)


3. Excercise

Is it just me or is it so hard to motivate yourself to go out running / walking on the dark days. This morning I planned to go for a run but it was drizzling, yes drizzling – no thunder, hail or pelting rain. I convinced myself that my trainers are designed for air flow so surely they would be ruined if I ran in drizzle?! Oh the lies I tell myself so I can stay in and have another cup of tea. Maybe I should buy waterproof trainers and stops kidding myself.


4. Weight Watchers

I’m four and a half pounds away from hitting my goal. The last few weeks are killing me. Because my clothes fit comfortably I have been getting lazy and keep forgetting to track my points. I’m pretty much eating normally though, no diet of anything. I need to stay focused.


5. Argan Oil

Is there anything I won’t use this for? No.

Nails, dry skin, eczema, hair cuticles, fly-aways, chapped lips, fine lines, stretch marks, scars… the list goes on.

Thank you all for your patience and support!

Amy x


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