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Hand De-Age Cream by Dr Ceuticals


I was very impressed with Dr Ceuticals Tone & Tan so I was delighted when a sample of their Hand De-Age Cream SPF15 arrived at my door. I always use hand cream but to be honest I never really think of SPF. I’ve always been more focused on keeping them soft but now that I’m getting on in years (hee hee) I should probably protect my hands from damage. After all, hands are a dead giveaway of our age when we get older. They’re always exposed to the elements and deal with assault of harsh chemicals on a daily basis.




Clinical trials showed:

  • brightened dark spots by up to 60%
  • reduced surface area of dark spots by up to 64%

This hand cream is designed to brighten the skin on your hands, making it appear younger, whilst offering protection from sun damage and offering antiageing  benefits. Whilst working this magic it also softens dry, rough hands and looks after your cuticles.

Did it work?
After first application the skin on the back of my hands looked fresh and illuminated. The skin was also plumper which is always a bonus. My hands felt moisturised all day and I didn’t need to apply more until bed time. There was no sticky residue – which usually ends in greasy hair since I’m a face/hair toucher.
Since I’m putting effort into the condition of my hands I should really start to wear rubber gloves when I’m washing up. Ideally I should get someone else to do the washing up…no hope of that! I think I’ll invest in some beautiful gloves for Winter too. I usually just buy something boring and unnoticeable. I think I’ll start a hunt for something pretty.
Dr Ceutical products are on sale in Boots and from The hand cream costs €9.79 at the moment in Boots, it’s usually €13.99 / £9.99.

I shall purchase a tube when it runs out!

Favourite hand creams?

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