Review – Isa Dora Wigwham Mascara

I have been using Wigwham Mascara by Isa Dora for the past month now.  I thought it was high time for a little review and some pictures.

My experience started off a little dodgy but did a little turn around after that. I’m glad I held on! Here are some images of what the mascara looks like after one coat (top lashes only).

For me this mascara definitely needs eyeliner – I just don’t have enough lashes. The mascara bunched the lashes together from the base which leaves them looking spindly yet heavy. Once I had shadow and liner on this mascara looked great. For me, this is one for full face of make-up days rather than ‘au naturel’ days. I love the volume.

Colour wise it’s very black.  It also didn’t smudge throughout the day. It’s also quite resistant to tears – I wore it whilst walking in the dogs in gale force winds last week. I also have quite sensitive eyes and sometimes experience sensitivity to mascaras but my eyes were fine with Wigwham.

This mascara will divide people, it’s definitely not generic and is original. It just won’t be for everyone. Think of marmite – You’ll love it or hate it!

Would I purchase this? Yes. It’s not a mascara I would use everyday – a bit much for wandering around the house. But for evenings and days that I requite a little more glamour I would happily grab for this one.

Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts?

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  • Mascara

    I’m also trying this mascara out and am loving it already even though I’m only 10 days into using it! My lashes look longer and feel healthier! Am excited to see the results if I keep on using it! ^_^

  • CaitlinFitz

    Hey Amy, where can you get this in Ireland? really want to try it out!

  • Tara

    My sister bought me wigwham am I too was unsure at first and then it completely surprised me how much I liked it. Agree with you on the liner front but I suppose it’s really a mascara for natural look anyways x

  • Riina

    About a month ago I commented that I was dissapointed in this mascara, that it smudged and hurt my eyes ecc.
    Now I have to agree with you – it’s quite nice and certaintly not for every day use, because of it’s brush, with what I always manage to ruin my eye make up, he he hee.

    The only thing I wish it did more – is lenghtening the lashes, then the effect would be greater I believe :)

    I’m glad you resisted a whole month, I did too and no regrets (although I bought myself another Make Up Factroy one ( ), with a smaller brush :))

    • Amy

      I was the same Riina, wasn’t sure at first. I’m glad I perserved :)

  • LFitz712

    For only one coat that looks really good. Could do some serious volumage with a few coats for the weekend. May purchase indeed!! :)

    • Amy

      Good one for volume all right! It def needs liner too though

  • ShellBell

    Oh wanted to try this one out for ages, think I’ll give it a go now!

    • Amy

      Let me know how you get on with it! :)

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