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Review: New Nutriganics Softening Cleansing Gel by The Body Shop

I’m going through a bit of a cleanser addiction lately. I love trying new cleansers. Maybe it’s because my skin rarely reacts to cleanser, moisturiser testing on the other hand can be treacherous :)

This week I have been using Nutriganics Softening Cleansing Gel from The Body Shop. It’s a little different to the cleansers I have tried before, it’s a gel to oil formulation.

Essentially this product melts off make-up and removes impurities. ‘Melts’ is the appropriate word since it looks like a gel but then transforms into a luscious oil once it hits the skin. It feels rich and luxurious. Products like this make me look forward to make-up removal, instead of it being a chore.

You get 100ml / 3.3 FL OZ in the tube which is a decent amount. I don’t seem to use a lot during cleansing and one application is enough to melt my make-up off. I tend to use my eye make-up remover first and then follow with this cleanser on dry skin, massaging it in and removing with a warm muslin cloth.

It’s not a million miles from Voya Totally Balmy and much cheaper at €13.60. It’s really good for skin showing the first signs of ageing or skin that is dry. That being said, it didn’t break me out or cause any spots on my oilier areas.

Nutriganics is also certified by Ecocert and is made with comunity trade ingredients where possible. I approve.



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