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Review – New Volume Refresher Spray from John Frieda…

This week I have been road-testing the new Luxurious Volume Anytime Volume Refresher Spray by John Frieda.

The spray is designed to give you a freshly styled, full bodied bit of ‘oomph’. It does just that. When I first saw it I thought it would be the same as Batiste Dry Shampoo and although it does the same job there are a few differences. This products is primarily designed to refresh your style, increase volume and mop up oils. For me it adds textured volume without bulk. I love batiste in an emergency if I didn’t get to wash my hair and it needs one but it’s a little too drying to use as a styling product for me. The John Frieda spray also feels lighter than Batiste, less powdery. It’s easier to rub in to my roots. I find that when I use Batiste I have to spend ages rubbing it in to get rid of the white powder. It’s usually still visible, and I’m a blonde – must be harder for those of you with dark hair. That being said, it’s a blessing when you need your highlights done!

I quite like the scent, fresh and clean but what I  like most in the cold, clean feeling on my scalp after application. I also only had to use a very small amount to get the desired results. I have been using it to revive my hair on the day after I have washed it. If you have flat, limp hair like me it’s definitely worth a try.

The bottle is medium sized, small enough to fit in a larger handbag. Although a larger size would be great for my dresser and probably more economical for me since I fly through products like these.


Each bottle contains 125ml and costs £5.49. They’re sold in all the usual places – Boots, Superdrug, chemists, supermarkets…basically John Frieda products are widely available :)


* John Frieda fans can win 1 of 10 John Frieda Luxurious Volume Ommph packs worth £100 over on their Facebook page.


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  • Jen

    Oh may try this, I’m blonde too and find Batiste dries my scalp really badly. xxx

    • Jen

      Picked this up in Boots today, JF 3for €13, it’s lovely. It seems to have a much finer powder mist compared to Batiste and makes hair feel nice, light and clean with a lovely mild sent. Always found Batiste made hair feel heavy. Not noticed as much of a drying effect on scalp yet either. Definately found my new dry shampoo, will stock up while on offer though cause it’s quite expensive.

  • catriona

    Ditto with batiste!!!

  • KathY

    Need to try this. I have the flatest hair on the planet. When I wash my hair I’m lucky if I get a day out of the lift. x

  • Matina

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for the review. I love batiste but like you find it too powdery and a little too drying for my liking.



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