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Revisiting Yon-Ka: Lait Apres Soleil

As a teenager  I was lucky enough to have access to Yon-Ka  skincare products (thanks to my dad adding a beauty salon into his hair salon). Now that I know how expensive it is I realise that I was spoiled. The plant extract scent reminds me of my childhood so I decided to treat myself to one product as a means of revisiting the brand. Since I was heading away to the sun I chose Yon-Ka Soothing Hydrating After Sun / Lait Apres Soleil.

The good

Brilliant moisturiser for very dry skin

  • No irritating ingredients
  • Chock full of good quality emoilients
  • Contains plant extracts
  • Contains Retinol  which helps skin repair itself
  • Smells deliciously Yon-Ka. If your not familiar with the scent
  • Takes down any redness from sun exposure

The bad

  • Expensive ($42, God knows how much it costs in Ireland, I dread to even think)
  • Not very accessible (I’ve seen it in some salons dotted around Ireland)

I couldn’t love this more. If it wasn’t so expensive I would use this as a year round moisturiser, but alas, ’twas not to be…

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