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Ridiculous addictions…

It has been said that I often show obsessive behaviour towards shallow things. I suppose you could call them fads. I obsess about these things for a short time, get bored and then move on to something else. My tendency towards obsessive behaviour stops at shallow things like food and beauty products, no bunny boiling here he hee. Here are my current obsessions…

1. Maple Syrup:

P1020896What do I want to eat you ask? The answer is anything I can put maple syrup on. This obsession started in West Egg in Chicago last November. Maple syrup on everything? I’m in! I couldn’t find maple syrup in my local supermarket this month so I had to settle on Golden Syrup Maple Flavour. It’s not exactly the same but it’ll do. I noticed that The Organic Supermarket have a huge bottle of organic Canadian Maple Syrup for €9, I will be buying this from their website later today.

2. Keogh’s raspberry scones:

P1020890These are the most amazing scones I have ever tasted. I have tried every scone on sale in Keogh’s on Trinity Street but raspberry is on the obsession list.

3. Pretty headbands:

P1020926I feel like every outfit looks prettier with a headband lately. I need to control myself! These two are from Penneys and were a bargain.

4. Working out – Ministry of Sound Pump it up:

I just can’t get enough of this dvd. It’s fun, fast paced and takes no prisoners. I’m addicted to the after effects of this workout and the results (video coming!). I want to do this every day but stop myself. Every other day is more sensible, muscles need recovery time. I usually do the warm up and one of the dance sections with the Bums n’ tums.  I’m all about hardcore workouts and this one has become a bit of an obsession. I now have abs of steel…not so pretty.

What are your current obsessions?

Le grá,

Amy x


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  • Sidney Soverns

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  • Tricia

    You crack me up. I now want to check out West Egg here in Chicago! Quick question….what kind of case do you carry your kit around in when you do bridal make-up? I am building mine and want to get the right tool box. Thanks Amy!

  • Alyson

    1. America’s Next Top Model. I get addicted to this every time I’m on holidays from college. Also helps that they’re re-running the series on Living TV.

    2. Ecotool brushes. So good and so cheap. So happy I finally found a Boots that stock them!

    3. Lipstick. I can’t stop buying it, even though I really don’t need it.

    4. The gym – due to summer boredom, but I guess its not the worst obsession to have!

  • Kaitlin

    Current Obsessions:
    1) Political Books- Recently got into politics so reading about current British politics and David Cameron the new Prime Minister. Its an obsession.
    2) Spooks-tv show about MI5.. amazing!
    3) Finding the perfect bronzer: decided to give it a try this summer so I am on the hunt. If anyone has any ideas let me now.. I am a light medium color skin tone.
    4) Sandals- love them.. I want some red gladiator ones for the summer.
    Last One 5) Maxi Dresses: SO easy to wear and so chic!!

    Amy I also love Maple Syrup its so good with french toast!

  • Scarie

    Keoghs scones nom nom nom. Miss living in Dublin. Currently obsessed with shoes, a bad obsession co s i cant walk in heels!

  • mana

    Face Wash, I used to hate it, and all through my teens I would just use face cloths to wash my face, but now I’m all about the cleansers gels and scrubs. Ballet Flats, I feel like I must own a bazillion pairs before I’ll be happy, and books, I have always been obsessed with books, but now I’ve gone off the deep end with my obsession.

  • Arlene

    My current obsessions are
    Cheese – stronger and smellier the better. Wedges – I already have more than enough pairs but I just can’t stop looking for bigger and better ones!
    Any type of jewellery that has the word Love on it, so far I have a ring, bangle & 2 necklaces. Obviously I don’t wear them all at the same time BUT the nut in me really wants to.


  • Karen

    Amy, try Lidl or Aldi for Canadian maple syrup. They often have it and it’s only about €4 ish I think

  • Charan

    My current obssession is :

    1. Nintendo DS game called 7 wonders

    2. finding the perfect foundation. Still am keen on shishido sun protection liquid foundation.

    3. dessert. any kind of sugar :(

  • Stacey

    Ah, I’ve been searching for a good workout DVD. Thanks for the recommendation :)
    Love your blog btw!

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