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Rimmel Nail Polish: Urban Princess

Rimmel Pro Lycra 291 Urban Princess is a perfect Barbie pink. I love the wide tapered edge brush, great for lazy girls like me. Two coats et voila, nails that would make Barbie jealous.

I didn’t apply a base or top coat, tut tut. It dried very quickly. It lasted 3 days before starting to chip at the nail tips. The chipping was quite minor though, I don’t think others would have noticed it.

For some reason, I’m not loving the colour. Maybe it doesn’t suit my skin tone at the moment. I might put it away until Summer when my hands are a little darker.

On a different note, I have no idea what is going on with my nails lately. I have to trim them every few days, they’re super strong and growing like mad. My nails have always been weak and crumbly so I have no idea what’s happening to them. Although, I’m certainly not complaining!

What’s your favourite Rimmel nail polish?

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  • Aistrid

    I really like rimmel nail polishes at the moment actually, i just got a lycra pro one and i really like the brush and I think its actually more chip resistant than any other rimmel ones,Im wearing Celebrity Bash right now, it’s a really vampish red. double decker bus( i think thats the name)a really vibrant red and blue me away,a purpley navy royal blue – would be my two other faves.

  • Anne

    At the moment my favourite is Rimmel 60seconds in Sunrise. It’s my first Rimmel nailpolish..i used to buy my nailpolishes from Manhatten, essence and catrice (most of these are German brands i think)…but i really like how fast this dries and that with one coat i’m ready to go :-) PS: i think you might enjoy that colour too..

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