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Rimmel Recover illuminating anti-fatigue foundation

I bought this foundation years ago and quite liked it. Granted at the time I had only tried drugstore foundations.  I decided to give it another go so I could review it and compare it to other foundations I’ve tried. I bought it in the shade Pale Beige.

Let me start by saying that it didn’t cake during the day. This is probably due to the oil content of the foundation so for the same reason it doesn’t last all day on your skin.

It looks lovely and glowy from a distance but up close you can see the sparkle (think Edward in Twilight!) What bothered me about it was that it feels a little gritty, although no where near as gritty as it was when it first came on the market.

Personally I wouldn’t use it during the day, it’s too sparkly. If you’re planning on being photographed I would give it a miss, flash photography won’t do you any favours. Since this foundation doesn’t last too long on the skin it definitely needs primer and powder.

To make the foundation more wearable I would add 1 part Rimmel Recover to 2 parts other foundation. Although in the picture above I just applied straight from the tube.

Would I buy it again? To  be honest, I actually would. Although I would be very selective where I’d wear this foundation. I think a lot of people would really hate this product based on it’s gritty texture and sparkly effect but for me, there is something oddly appealing about it.

What do you think?

Amy x


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