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Rimmel Silky Loose Powder

As you may already know, I am on a mission to find some affordable yet great products. Unfortunately that means I tend to waste a lot of money on rubbish. But occasionally, very occasionally, I come across something worth mentioning. One such product is Rimmel Silky Loose Face Powder.

I have combination skin so my poor chiney chin chin requires significant powdering (excuse the Three Little Pigs reference)

I like the texture of this powder, it doesn’t feel drying and it’s definitely silky. I apply it with a powder puff, rolling it into my skin to avoid exaggerating pores. It’s transparent so it can be used over every foundation, regardless of the shade.

It kept my face matte for about 5 hours before I touched up, which is good going for a “drugstore” product. It had a satin finish and didn’t cake.

I find myself reaching for this powder on a regular basis. However  I would avoid it like the plague if you are planning on being papped as it photographs white, thank you Titanium Dioxide (I assume!)

It’s not the most finely milled powder I have every tried but it’s great all the same. It’s very close in quality to my Make Up For Ever Loose Powder (not the HD). I shall be repurchasing!

Have you tried this powder?

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  • http://www.cosmeticsmile-x.blogspot.com/ nicola-x

    I have this in my make up collection never really tend to use it, But now after reading this im deffo going start using it :) I can’t really remember where I bought this I think it was ethelaustions or tj huges for about £1.99 go there :) xo

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      @nicola-x it’s an bargain!

  • MissFitz1981

    I’ve wanted to try this but have never seen it in shops. Is it available in Ireland?

  • http://drebel.net Steelnpurple

    I think I will give this a go.
    I’m on a constant powder quest LOL!
    Trying to find a good affordable powder that works with my dryish skin. :)
    A girl can’t have too many powders.. ;)

  • Ciara

    what are you supposed to do for big/blocked pores? i have little black dots on my nose i think theyre blocked pores i also have visible pores on my forehead

    what do you do to get rid of them??
    Thank you!!!

    • http://www.makeupandbeauty.ie Amy

      Ciara, Little black dots sound like blackheads. Maybe steam your skin and when it’s soft very gently get them out so you don’t damage the skin. (or go to a beautician, they take them out really quick) If you steam make sure you splash cold water over your skin when you’ve finished extracting the blackheads.
      I’m afraid nothing gets rid of pores, apparently the shape and size of our pores is genetic. The best you can do is keep your pores clear (masks, exfoliation and face steaming) Keep any shiny products/glowy foundations/highlight powder etc away from areas where pores are visible. Those areas look better when they’re matte. Roll your powder on with a powder puff instead of using brush

  • Donna

    hi amy! if you want to try cheap powders i would reccomend NYC smooth skin loose powder. I use it all the time and love it…plus its only $3.50!!!

  • Roisin

    NYC do a powder just like this except it’s even cheaper (less than €4) its called Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder. Its my HG powder, hands down. You can get it in Superdrug but I get it in McNamara’s Pharmacy, Raheny (beside Supervalu)

  • http://www.anniedollface.blogspot.com ann

    i haven’t tried this, but i’m willing to give it a shot! thanks for the great posts! i just started following you today… you rock!


  • http://glittermillie.blogspot.com/ glittermillie

    Ooo I think I may give this a go! I need a new powder and most of my money tends to go on nail polish so I love to find good, cheaper makeup products. Thanks for the review!

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