My Day at RTE’s Off the Rails

I spent the day with the Off the Rails crew today. I had the pleasure of meeting lots of Irish ladies who needed their make-up questions answered.

I had so much fun.

After a day of moving around in Louboutins, my feet are killin’ me but it was absolutely worth it.

A big thank you to Shane for inviting me, to Brendan for the laughs, Sonia for sharing vital dress info and to Anita for the cupcakes!

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  • Clara

    Hi Amy,
    I get regular breakouts just on my chin (while the rest of my face is perfectly normal-combination) and was suprised to hear that you do too! I began to use the Clinique Deep Cleansing Emergency Mask, which is a clay based treatment.
    I was wondering if you could recommend any other products to try to clear it up as this did nothing for me. (However it did reduce redness.) Thanks!

  • Kirsten

    Sorry for being the ignorant American…but what is Off the Rails?

    Oh, and Louboutins?? I’m jealous!

    • Amy

      Kirsten, Off the Rails is fashion show on irish television :)

  • Christine

    Hi Amy, i met you yesterday at the off the rails seminar, thanks so much for you avice on blushers and eye makeup application. i have taken your advice and have just done my face as advised and am looking fab, thanks again

    • Amy

      Christine, I’m delighted to hear that :) If you ever need any help give me a shout

  • Shannon

    Sounds like a lot of fun! (:

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