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Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat

I bought Sally Hansen Double Duty a month ago in Boots and have used it consistently ever since.

Let me start off by saying that I am usually a bit lazy when it comes to base and top coats. To be honest I’m lucky if my nail polish dries without a dint of some sort. I’m very fidgety and find it difficult to sit still long enough for layers to dry.

I have tried a few different base coats and haven’t found one that was useful. The worst being the Boots Expert base coat which made my polish peel off.

I bought mine on special – buy one Sally Hansen product and get the second half price. I choose the nail hardener as my second item, review to follow on that one.

Back to Double Duty. I apply one coat before my nail polish and one coat after.

My conclusions:

1. It keeps my nail polish chip free for days

2. It prevented my nails from yellowing after days of dark polish

3. A little sticky until completely dry but not enough to mess up your nails

It’s also cheap… in most countries. Ireland as per usual has a disgusting hefty mark-up so if it’s not on special you can buy it for €2.50 on ebay. I wouldn’t pay more! But I shall be repurchasing.

What nail bases and topcoats do you recommend?

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  • Considerthis26

    Seche Vite is a great base coat…it really does an excellent job of both protecting your nails from discoloration as well as keeping your polish on a lot longer. I hear their top coat is great as well but can’t find it anywhere in Cork thus far.

  • brid

    I love Sally Hansen products, have laid off looking after my nails for the past while and my nails have started to chip again. Must re apply hard as nails again. Oh and I love the hand cream as well has a lovely smell.

  • Cee

    I bought a small bottle of Seche Vite recently. Its availible from a clothes shop called Mego (at least I think thats what its called). Its great for drying your nails quickly as I always nearly smudge mine. Maybelline also do a great topcoat, it keeps my nails chip free for about 5 days.

  • Elle

    I am also really loving this product, despite the fact that I feel it takes forever to dry. I also have really enjoyed the top coat from OPI, but the formula was quite thick compared to this. OPI Drip Dry, while it is not a top coat is fantastic for when I am in a hurry.
    Everyone raves about Seche Vite, which I can’t. find where I live, but is supposed to be amazing

  • ~Lisa

    Cool! I’ll definitely be checking this out!

  • nevertoomanyshoes

    I have also been using this for about 2 months now and I’m impressed. My nails have been struggling for quote some time and had become really ridged and dry and despite a serious addiction to changing the colour of them every week it holds up well and offers some protection from staining and fade too. I also bought Boots Original Formula nail oil and the ridges have all but gone. Considering the money I’ve spent on some well known brands this was a really cheap solution!

  • Stacey

    I’m wanting to try Seche Vite. I’ve heard only good things about this top coat. Have you tried it?

  • Kitty

    Hmmmm, I need a decent top and base coat, I might try this one out!! At the moment I use Avons 24k gold strength but its got sparkly bits in it so I don’t always use it as a top coat if I don’t want sparkly nails!

  • Lyndsey

    My nails went throught a really weird peeling period a month ago. I tried the Boots own strengthener which only made them worse!
    I then read a lot of reviews about the Sally Hansen products and decided it couldn’t hurt to give them ago. (by this point I couldn’t even paint my nails as they were truly disgusting)
    I bought the Miracle cure – which worked a treat. Nails are now stronger than ever and more importantly look better. I also bought whilst on 2 for 1, so my second was Diamond Shine. It’s a two in one Base and Top Coat and works really well.

  • mary

    that’s what i use for my base coat as well! i agree with all of your conclusions & do feel like you need to wait awhile for it to dry. i use the seche vite topcoat- i am fidgety too and this fast dry topcoat really helps prevent the dents for me. :)

  • j

    I swear by Mavala Colorfix top coat and Barrier-Base coat. Hard to find though, but when I do I multi buy. The Mavala keeps my french polish in place for 4-5 days. And I do normal house chores also….so my french polish does get challenged. i have tried Sally Hansen also. Its not bad. Its my back top and base.

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