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Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

I picked up Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Boots a few weeks ago. I hear there are more shades to choose from in the US. In my local Boots my only option was clear – which is exactly what I was looking for.

The instructions recommend applying a few coats before applying your nail polish.

Consistency wise it’s a little runnier than nail polish but it’s a treatment so this didn’t make any difference.

The first later dried in a few seconds so I swiftly applied another 2 layers. The final layer took a few more minutes to set.  It doesn’t have a shiny finish which doesn’t really matter since it’s a base nail hardener and not a top coat.

I followed with one coat of Eyeko Vampira. My polish went on without a hitch but it did take a little longer to dry. Even when it dried it was prone to dinting for another 10 minutes or so. This is definitely one I would apply whilst watching tv in the evening when I have time to let it dry properly.

My nail polish didn’t chip for 2 days, without a top coat. My nails are prone to chipping and peeling. The hardener did in fact harden my nails and protected them from splitting and peeling but only for 48 hours or so.

I bought mine for €9.95 in Boots but it was on offer – Buy one get one free. I also bought Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat, which I prefer. Click here to see the review.

Do you use nail hardener? What Sally Hansen products have you tried?


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    I have big fun read this blog post. I need to see more on this content.. Many thanks for writing this quality content.. Anyhow, So i am going to sign up for a rss as well as I wish you publish useful articles again rapidly.

  • karen

    hiyah:) loving your website-
    i use both thee sally hansens you mentioned i had really dry brittle short nails but by applying the base polish then the hard as nails and then her diamond shine over 2 months(since i got my gels removed) my nails are long shiny and healthy i’ve turned all my family onto these 3 products!
    the diamond shine is about £2 pricer than the others:)
    hope that helped :)x

  • Jess

    I also bought a ‘hard as nails’ from boots but it was slightly different to this and I don’t think it’s working! So i may buy this one to try because i seriously need to strengthen my nails.


    • Amy

      I got a great one before by no7. worked a treat!

  • Prada

    yea nice Work :D

  • Taey

    Love this too!

  • Roisin

    My nails are splitting and peeling, drives me insane. Thanks for this review! Roisin

    • Amy

      Know the feeling :) This stopped mine splitting

  • Rachel

    I always wondered whether nail hardeners worked or not. Thanks for the review Amy x x x

    • Amy

      Glad to be of service Rachel :) x

  • Robin

    Love this stuff!!! I got mine in Walmart for $2

    • Amy

      That is such a bargain! Maybe I should wait until I go to the US to stock up :) The mark-up on cosmetics in this country is a joke!

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