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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Voyager Collection

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Apologies for my absence girls but I’m back in action finally! And I felt a little products rant was well over-due. I am happy to report that I’ve spent the past 4 weeks wearing nothing but Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. I am in love with the polishes I have from the Voyager Collection. I have had quite a few people ask where I had my gel manicure done so I’m hoping this means that it looks well. Everyone seems surprised that it was shop bought.

I won’t beat around the bush. This stuff is great. Far better than the basic Sally Hansen polishes. They last so much longer.

Sally Hansen Voyager Collection Miracle Gel Swatches


Of the three I have tried they were a dream to apply. You need two coats, which dry evenly in good time, followed by two coats of the volume gel, which need a bit of time to set. The first time I applied I didn’t wait long enough for the volume coat to cure and dinted one! Raging. Since that day I only apply when I have time to kill, generally when I’m catching up on Netflix.

The magic is in the gel top coat. I’ve tried a few gel coats from different brands, this is my favourite so far. It’s the thickest and most salon-gel-polish-like. It’s also quite tricky to catch the high gloss on camera.

carry on blue Sally Hansen Voyager Collection Miracle Gel Swatches Carry on Blue


Ok so 14 days might be a stretch, especially if you have have your hands in water and oils a lot like I do. The ordinary Sally H polishes don’t stand a chance against oil by the way. This stuff withstands a lot! I can apply it and know it will stay put for a decent amount of time. And in fairness my nails are prone to peeling so when I lost polish at the tips it tended to be down to that. I really didn’t find much chipping.


Because this is hardy stuff it does take a bit more time to remove with my usual remover pads, the ones sold in a tub.  I found normal polish remover from a bottle far better. I soaked a pad and held it on the nail for a couple of seconds before wiping it away.

In my suitcase Sally Hansen Voyager Collection Miracle Gel SwatchesIn My Suitcase

New Shades

  • Headed Nude – Neutral, exactly what it says on the tin
  • Flushed Wanderer – Muted blush tone
  • Tawny Travels –  Burnished brick red. Muted. Different. Gorgeous!
  • In My Suitcase – Greyed-off beige. Contemporary. Grey to me, not beige. Great on Irish skin.
  • Carry on Blue – Aqua. Not turquoise. More blue aqua. Surprisingly I love it.


In case I haven’t made it clear enough – I love these! I like the look of gel polish but I don’t like the salon removal, or the cost, so this suits me much better. Another advantage is that you’re nails aren’t being damaged. I really like the three shades I have tried and I’m keen to add more to my collection. They come in at €14.99 for each duo box. It’s well worth it in my opinion. I have often spent a tenner on a polish that lasted no more than a day.

I did wonder about the duo packs, like how many gel coats does one girl need. A lot as it turns out, when you’re me :D I use copious amounts of it on top of every polish.

When products arrive I usually try them and share with my friends and family, these fellas are staying in my own collection. Besides my Essie Mademoiselle no other polishes have been getting a look in!


Amy x0

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