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Sally Hansen New Complete Salon Manicure Polishes

Sally Hansen nail polishes landed on my desk last week. I have spent the last 8 days thoroughly enjoying them :)

The polishes are from Sally Hansen’s new range, Complete Salon Manicure. They are designed to be an all-in-one product combining a base, a top coat, strengthening and growth treatment and nail colour in one. Essentially they are supposed to give a salon manicure result from one bottle.


Left to Right:

Pat on the Black 660
All Fired Up 550
Gray by Gray 350
Raisin the bar 320
Shrimply Divine 520
Pink Slip 170

I can’t decide which one I like the most. When I first saw them I was immediately drawn to Gray by Gray (shocker). But I’m now in love with Shrimply Divine and Raisin the Bar. There are 36 shades in the range.

They’re easy to apply and dry quite quickly. The finish is smooth and shiny. Coverage wise – two coats is plenty, one coat was too sheer, three coats wouldn’t be necessary.

I love the packaging. The rubber bung around the lid actually adds to the look of the bottle. They cost €8.95 a bottle which is significantly less than OPI in Ireland and they’re just as good. I also love the names of the shades.

They claim to last 10 days on the nails but I experienced some wear and tear on the fourth day. No chipping or peeling, just some gentle wear signs. I should point out that my hands are frequently in water and I never wear rubber gloved whilst cleaning (tut tut) so this may have affected its longevity.

Swatches to follow over the next few days.

What shade appeals to you most?

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  • Rose

    Can you let us know which (boots) & other stores in dublin stock the SH nail polishes please?
    thank u!

  • Pia

    Ooh, looking forward to those swatches ^^

  • Atqa

    I fell in love with Shrimply Devine! In fact all the colours are gorgeougs. If only these were cheaper.

    • Amy

      Wish they were cheaper too. At least they’re cheaper than my OPI addiction! :)

  • Sarah

    Hey, loving those polishes especially All Fired Up and Pink Slip…this may be a silly question but where can you get Sally Hansen Polishes in Ireland, I have yet to see them?? :/

    • Amy

      Hi Sarah, they’re in bigger boots stores

      • Sarah

        Thanks a million Amy…I’ll try keep a look out so :)

  • Ruth James

    hey amy, I was just wondering where do you get these in Irelnad, or did you order them?
    And also where do you get OPI in Ireland! :) I would really appreciate it if you wrote back! thanks so much! love your blog or YT by th way! :) xoxo

    • Amy

      Thanks Ruth :) OPI is hard to find – it’s in some chemists around Ireland and also in Sally beauty supply swords. Sally H is in Boots and some chemists too. I’ll try get a stocklist x

      • Ruth James

        Sorry only saw the reply now! :) thanks so much for getting back to me! I must try the Sally Beauty Supply in swords, i didn’t know there was on there! i must find it! thank you so much, that would be a great help! :) xo

  • Elodie

    Never tried any Sally Hansen nail polishes before (I don’t even know if I can buy them here, in south of France), but I would like to! I will probably buy some next time Iam coming in Ireland… Where did you find them in Dublin?
    I have to say that I actually like the same shades as you, “Gray by Gray” “Raisin the bar” & “Shrimply Divine” ;)
    Thanks for sharing XoXo

    • Amy

      Hi Elodie, they’re available in boots and some pharmacies. I’ll try update with a stocklist. x

  • Tara

    Pink slip looks gorg. Is it very sheer?

    • Amy

      It is quite sheer Tara. It’s like a french polish shade.

  • Trendy Housewife

    I am a pink girl, so I gotta go with the Pink Slip for my favorite color. Overall, I’ve had a pretty good experience with the quality of most Sally Hansen products :)

    • Amy

      That’s good to hear. This is the first time I’ve tried the colour shades

  • Anna-Maria

    These look so beautiful!!

    • Amy

      They are so beautiful on!

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