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Sally Hansen Totally Tropical Exotica Collection – Photos & Review

Sally Hansen Tropical Exotica collection review swatches

Oh so pretty! Time for some more Sally Hansen swatches and a little review of each polish. What is it about a nail polish line-up that makes me grin like a Cheshire cat?!

Sally Hansen Tropical Exotica collection review swatchesI’ll jump right in with the swatches. Please ignore the fact that I need a manicure :)

Sally Hansen Sgt Preppy complete manicure swatchSgt Preppy A creamy, lilac pink. I love pink polish and therefore own a lot of it but this pink is a little different. It has a lilac tone to it which made me fall in love with it. It’s not at all impressive in the bottle but it is beautiful on. I adore this. The consistency and colour pay-off is great.

Sally Hansen Palm treat complete manicure swatchPalm Treat A creamy lime. I loved this one in the bottle. It’s a gorgeous shade on the nails but doesn’t exactly work with my skintone as well as Vitamin Sea does. Still lovely and consistency is fantastic.

Sally Hansen Shore-ly complete manicure swatch tropical exoticaShorely Yet another nude. There is no shimmer. It’s creamy beige nude. It’s actually very wearable on my fair skin. I needed 3 coats for this coverage.

Sally Hansen Evening Glow complete manicure swatch tropical exoticaEvening Glow A burnt orange. I’ll be honest, this one horrified my in the bottle, particularly when held against the others, but I was pleasantly surprised. Orange is usually bright and tacky. This is quite elegant. It would beautifully on tanned skin but it seems to work ok on fair skin to, surprisingly. It reminds me of Marrakesh Morocco. It’s one of those sunsety colours they use in their architecture and decour.¬† It’s a little runnier than the other polishes so three coats were necessary for this coverage. It applies like a dream though. You could do it with your eyes closed.

Sally Hansen Vitamin Sea complete manicure swatch tropical exoticaVitamin Sea A creamy turquoise. One of my favourties from the collection. It didn’t really appeal to me in the bottle but when I applied it it worked really well with my fair skin tone. The consistency of this one is thick yet viscous and opaque but easy to apply. The pay-off is excellent too. For this pic I used two coats.

Sally Hansen Go Bananas complete manicure swatch tropical exoticaGo Bananas a creamy lemon shade with very fine silver reflects – which you almost can’t see unless you look at the bottle in the pic very closely. This was the most difficult to work with consistency wise. I needed three coats and it didn’t really provide even coverage. This is a fun shade although it doesn’t really work on my skin tone.


Sally Hansen Tahitian Sunset complete manicure swatch tropical exotica Tahitian Sunset A creamy orange. I’m afraid I dropped my bottle after I photographed the collective shot. Boo Hoo. I managed to get a swatch but I can’t comment on the consistency since the bottle broke and the product hit the air but at least you get an idea of the colour. (I took this one this evening when my hands were suffering the effects of pregnancy swelling – holy God they look chubby!)

There are some winners in this collection. My favourites are Sgt Preppy and Vitamin Sea. What shades stand out to you?

A few readers had commented that they read my blog on their way to work/school in the morning so I have another post scheduled to go live at 6am in the morning. And I’ll try keep that up :)

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See you ladies tomorrow!

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