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Save your Pasty Legs…Foundation for your Pins

As many of you know I was was at the Irish Blog Awards on Saturday. I was an honour to get into the top 5 in the Fashion/Beauty category (I will post some photos in the morning). In preparation for the night I decided to apply some St Tropez. Since becoming a brunette I have been relying heavily on the stuff. The application went without a hitch.I showered in the morning, didn’t check out the tan and jumped in the car.

When I put on my dress I realised, to my horror, that my legs were not the same colour as my upper body. I looked ridiculous. I managed to get my hands on a bottle of Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Leg Makeup in Medium (thank you Andrea). I tried this years ago but it was in the wrong shade for me and I never gave the product another thought. Silly me.

It’s supposed to be like a foundation for the legs rather then just a tanning product. It masks rashes and imperfections on your skin without the plaster wall look. I sprayed it on my legs and rubbed it in with my hands. I then added some to my arms, all in the name of consistency of course. It’s completely fool proof, easy to apply, cheap (under €10), widely available and best of all it didn’t look orange. My skin still looked like skin.

I have to say that this product has two tiny drawbacks for me. Firstly, the smell is reminiscent of Murray Mints (but no tan smell) and secondly, it’s messy. Messy doesn’t quite cut it actually, a bathroom* was destroyed during application. I was also a little concerned about whether or not the product was water resistant but it didn’t budge. As for removal, it washes off with soap and warm water.

I’m sold! I shall be picking myself up a few of these for emergencies. It comes in a variety of shades. Medium was perfect for me.

*Sorry for ruining your bathroom Ken. It was all in the name of legs. And anyway you got your revenge by soaking my newly tanned legs in some kind of an alcoholic beverage so we’re quits.

Have you tried this?

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  • swathi

    I really want to try this product as I have so many scars on my legs. Does this transfer to clothes?
    This might sound silly but should I spray this on first and then put on my clothes or after?

  • Patty

    Hey girl.. I nominated you for the I Love Your Blog award :) Love all your informative posts!

    • Amy

      @Patty Aw Patty thank you so much :) x

  • Laura J

    I have never tried this but it sounds good. I am not a fan of fake tan I prefer a real one (hangs head in shame).

    I remember my 1st fake tanning experience it was a disaster. I was 14 and I had applied some of my mums Johnsons holiday sun on the front of my arms and legs but didn’t think to do the backs of my arms and legs. The next day my skin was two different colours how embaressing I kept a long cardigan and jeans on to hide it even though it was a hot day!

    • Amy

      @Laura J haha that has happened to me so many times. I’m crap at tanning!

  • Emma

    Sally is always a bit of a lifesaver!!:), oh pls put up the pics of your outfit from saturday night!!xx

    • Amy

      @Emma Will do, have been having trouble getting the images from my camera :) x

  • Kaylena

    Hey there doll, I gave you the I ♥ Your Blog Award/Tag on my recent Blog post. Check it out and keep up the great bloggin’! ^_^


    • Amy

      @Kaylena Aw thank you so much :) x

  • Aoife

    Sally hanson is a lifesaver.!! Exactly, its not orangey and always comes out really even and smooth. However, I’m thinking you can’t have encountered any rain because like make-up it is going to literally run down your legs if you do!
    I still swear by it.
    Aoife x

  • Lyndsey

    I have never tried this product, but after reading the reviews from everyone on here I will definitely be buying some in.
    All the spray tans I have had before have been rubbish, so I like the stuff I can wack on and soap off!!!
    I have got Benefit Jiffy Tan, however it is expensive so a good value alternative sounds great.

  • Ak

    where do you get it for under 10 euro?? i feel like im missing out on a bargain! :)

  • Louise Manning

    hey ;) i use this every time i go out..ita a miracle hides veins stretchmarks d lot!!i swear by a medium shade too..its so flawless when i apply it with a glove..does kinda smell a bit doh and can feel a bit cakey but i would still give it a 10/10 :) i have just started using garnier summerbody yesterday ..has anyone ever tried it??so far so good :)

  • Ais

    I also find if you mix a dark colour sally hansen with moisturiser and put it on its like a really nice glowy instant tan and much less heavy and easier to rub in. But the heavy-ness is definitly good for concealing flaws on legs!
    I think alot of people dont even rub this stuff in – they just use it like spray paint! my friend used to go outside sit on her patio and spray paint her legs!haha! I had to explain to her that you’re supposed to rub it in.

  • Aoife

    I love this stuff! The first time I used it, I spent the half the night telling my friends to “look at my legs” and “no I’m not wearing tights I swear!” I was very excited because fake tan that develops never works properly on my legs. (Brown feet white shins!) I bought this to de-paste my ghostly white legs in Vegas last summer! It was perfect and didn’t budge in the 40C heat!! Love it!

  • Mekekka

    I love this stuff – use it all of the time!! I do find it better to use with a mitt though – I spray it directly onto the mitt and rub it in quickly. I find it goes on more even. Though obviously you are losing a bit of product as it soaks into the mitt, this is definitely the best way I’ve found to use it!

  • Ais

    Yeah I use this everytime I’m going out at night with bare legs.Seriously good purchase. Even though at first the packaging and description sounded a bit weird-I have to say I love it.

  • Emma

    I haven’t tried this one yet. I recently found one very similar called Almay Bare It All Legs and thought it was fantastic but once my local chemist sold out I haven’t managed to find it again, so I will give this one a go :-) x

  • Philomena

    Im trying to embrase the pale (but ot the patchy blue vein version pale) and i cant work out tights for some reason. Find this great.

    With any kind of spray like that i always feel a little damp after so i let it set for a while and then stick my leg over the bath and lash on baby powder to dry it up . your legs will look white but this goes when i put on my dressing gown and finsih getting ready.

    Also when appluing i put a towel on the ground and just sit down with legs over it and spray. It stops it going everywhere…

  • Sharon

    Hi Amy,

    I love this stuff for a night out i find its easier (and less messy) to use one of the tanning mitts spray it on and rub in it looks sooooo natural and never rubs off on my clothes!
    I swear by this stuff :)
    Sharon x

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