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Smideadh is Fearr Liom: Post as Gaeilge i rith Seachtain na Gaeilge

Seachtain na Gaeilge atá ann an seachtain seo. Mar sin, táim chun post a dhéanamh as Gaeilge :)

Smideadh is fearr liom an mí seo:

Béaldath: Maybelline Coral Polyp

Cosmaid Súile: MAC Woodwinked, MAC Tempting

Mascára: Loreal Voluminous

Línéar do na súile: Urban Decay 24/7

Ungadh Glanta: Yes to Carrots Cleaner

Taisritheoir: Loreal Derma Genesis gach oíche, Clinique Moisturising Gel i rith an lae.

Cén smideadh is fearr leatsa?

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  • Ciara

    Amy what was the name of the degree you did in irish and in what college?
    im in secondary school and i would love to do a degree in Irish!
    Im going to the gaeltacht this summer and cos its seachtain na gaeilge me and my friends have been speaking it at school (the schools english speaking) thanks !

    • Amy

      @Ciara I did my degree in St Pats Drumcondra. I did the BA in Irish and theology. That’s great that you and your friends are using a bit of Irish for s na g!!

  • Alyson

    Dia duit Amy, is aobhinn liom do post freisin!

    Smideadh is fearr liom an mí seo:
    Bonn: Benfit Hello Flawless
    Béaldath: Rimmel Summer Angel
    Cosmaid súile: Gosh trio sa fudge nó adventure.
    Concealer: Boi-ing ag Benefit
    Mascara: Rimmel Volume Flash The Max nó Max Factor Masterpiece.

    Wow, bhí an freagair sin an-deacair! haha! :) x

  • Aoife

    Tá an…concealer…go hálainn freisin! Níl sé trom. Ba cheart duit triail a bhuint!

  • Brittany

    Amy, this is so awesome. I don’t know why, but your post makes me love you even more, lol!
    I love Gaelic music…and this might be a nerdy band in Ireland, but I love the Rankin Family! My favorite song is all in Gaelic… and all my friends think I’m crazy because I sing along even though I have no clue what I’m singing! Not to mention I probably massacre it. lol.

    • Amy

      @Brittany That is so lovely! :) x

  • lucypink86

    i ll have to ask my boyfriend to teach me irish :) i would like to understand this hehe,happy st patricks day from spain.

  • Kathi

    Great, now I want to learn Irish, but I doubt my uni offers it. hehe

  • Aoife

    Gabh mo leithscéal, tá mo Gaeilge ag dul in olcas!!

    Bonn – Estée Lauder Double Wear
    Cosmaid Súile – BeneFit – Súile Mór Álainn! agus MAC Retrospeck agus Sable!
    Béaldath – tá gach béaldath is aoibhinn liom scortha! Maybelline Pink Topaz, L’Oreal Moon Shine – Nude Moon agus BeneFit Colour Plump. Cheannaigh mé iad ar eBay!
    Mascára – Max Factor Masterpiece Volume or Maybelline Bréagach-ies!! (fionnachtana nua!)
    Cumhrán – Coco…Iníon?!! :-)

    Tá mé ag smaoineamh (agus ag gáire) anois faoin ainmneacha Gaeilge do mo smideadh!

    Go raibh maith agat! :-)

    • Amy

      @Aoife Tá mo Gaeilge tar éis éiridh uafásach! Caithfidh mé níos mó cleachtadh a fháil :) Rinne mé dearmad ar bonn. Ba bhreá liom triail a bhaint as Double Wear, chuala mé go bhfuil an concealer go maith freisin (Hmm ní fheadar cén Gaeilge a bhfuil ar concealer) Go raibh maith agat! :)

  • Danielle

    this is going to sound weird, but are you totally fluent in Gaeilge?

    It’s all making sense to me why when I first went to Dublin I didn’t believe these people were speaking English because I couldn’t understand a word…. they probably weren’t!!!!

    • Amy

      @Danielle They prob were speaking english. I’m fluent in irish (went to an irish speaking primary school and my degree is in irish) but most people learn Irish in school but speak english as a first langauge. There are a few areas of ireland called gaeltachts where people speak irish as their first language .

  • Ciara

    Dia duit amy. Is aoibhinn liom do post as gaeilge :)

    smideadh is fearr liom anois:
    -bonn: L’oreal True Match roll-on foundation
    -linear do na suile: NYC linear dubh
    -Cosmaid súile: Bourjois trio i mordore chic
    -Mascára: Bourjois Volume Glamour
    agus is aoibhinn liom an Lacura concealer as Aldi!
    Slán leat :) x

    • Amy

      @Ciara Bhí mé ag smoineamh faoin roll on foundation. Táim chun Lacura concealer a phiocadh suas chomh maith. Chuala mé go raibh an Lacura gloss go maith freisin! x

  • Janine

    Go Maith! Is aoibhinn liom smideadh!
    =] x

  • Lex

    I am so lost, ha! :) This is great :). Is it bad I didn’t realize there was a “native language” for Ireland? Gah, stupid American ;). Anyway, enjoyed reading and trying to translate! ;)

    • Amy

      @Lex Lol thanks Lex :)

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