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Sephora Fragrance Set & Viva La Juicy


One of the first things I bought when I arrived in Chicago was the Sephora Deluxe Fragrance Sampler. I planned to pick this up on day one, so that I could try all of the samples, choose my favourite and then use the voucher to redeem it before I left for Ireland.

The set contains:

  • Aquolina Pink Sugar
  • Donna Karan Cashmere Mist
  • Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy
  • Prada Infusion D’Iris
  • Dior Addict 2
  • Emilio Pucci Vivara Varioazioni Acqua 330
  • Kenzo Flower By Kenzo
  • Stella MyCartney Stella Nude
  • D & G Light Blue
  • Harajuku Lovers G
  • Michael Kores Very Hollywood
  • Versace Bright Crystal
  • Atomizer
  • Fragrance guide

Amongst my favourites were Harajuku Lovers G, Versace Bright Crystal and D & G Light Blue. I already have the Kenzo in my collection. My least favourite were Michael Kores Very Hollywood and Prada. My absolute favourite was Viva La Juicy so I used the voucher in the box to redeem my new fragrance.


I love the packaging, love the scent, love everything! It’s not like any perfume I have ever had in my perfume collection. I think collection sets like these are a great idea, they make me try fragrances I would never have considered. I was quite surprised at how much I liked Harajuku G, I think this might be next on my list!


1 oz – $48

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  • Rhiannon

    mmmm, I like the Dior scents they have at Sephora! There is little better than smelling so good.

    Somewhere on your site you had a wishlist with Urbandecay eyeshadows on it. They are on sale right now for 18 U.S. dollars (though it may be an online only deal). The product name is Get Baked Eye Kit. It has four shadows, a pencil and primer. Sephora is amazing. I have just discovered the store as well, and I am doing all of my (girl) Christmas shopping there. The Bliss moisterizers are quite good! Stock up on Sephora items while you are in the U.S! !

    • Amy

      Thanks for the info :) x

  • Bonnie

    Thanks Amy! And all of these raves about Viva La Juicy are making me want to go try it. haha.

  • Kelly

    I brought Viva La Juicy last weekend in London and I love it! Oh and the bottle is gorgeous! I also have Harajuku Lovers ‘G’ which I kinda brought for the packaging, it does smell nice though, reminds me of holidays :)

    • Amy

      It does actually haha

  • Karen

    I am now considering getting this! I am not very adventurous with fragrances. This is a great way to try new things, but in small doses. ♥

  • April

    I got viva la juicy for sinterklaas and the scent is amazing and it stays literally all day. On the end of my school day a friend of mine said like ”what am I smelling?” another friend said ”probably me because I just spritzed some parfum on, oh wait that’s not me it’s more like vanilla … ”. the other friend asks me ”what parfum are you wearing?” ”Viva la juicy” the other friend smells me ”WE FOUND HER! That’s what I’m smelling”
    oops my comment is a bit on the long side but everyone who’s thinking of buying viva la juicy has to know how amazing it is haha 0=]!


  • Heather

    The first fragrance my husband bought me was Vera Wang’s Princess. Oh my, it is my absolute favorite. And this past spring he bought me Viva La Juicy. Wow, does it smell divine :)

  • bonnie

    I have asked for one of these as a Christmas present but was kind of unsure about it. Now, after this review I’m so excited to get it and try all the different scents.
    Amy, are there any scents you’d recommend to a girl who knows nothing about perfumes? I’ve never really looked into it and stuck to my vanilla body spray from the body shop. What are some nice scents to go for that are quite light and airy? If such a thing exists. Thanks!

    • Amy

      Light and airy Hmm, Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue and Stella by Stella McCartney (Tall purple bottle) :)

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