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Sephora: Kat Von D Palette


Well ladies, I have to admit that until today I was a Sephora virgin. I had my very first experience today. Let me tell ya, I’m very glad we don’t have one Ireland because I would be poor!

I bought a few goodies, thanks to everyone who recommended products. And on with the yapping…

kat von dThe first thing I put in my basket was a Kat Von D eye-shadow palette. I haven’t heard a whisper about these.

I know there are probably oodles of reviews on YT but I didn’t have time to check :) I chose the Beethoven one, the other palettes were lovely but I already owned similar shades. And here it is…

I haven’t a clue what to expect from these shadows. Have you tried them?

I was feeling brave when I chose it since I often stick to neutrals. But this morning when I was doing my make-up I decided to go with the blue and navy shades from the Barbie Loves Stila Palette, very brave :) It looks quite soft and pretty though so I’m a happy girl.

I’ll post swatches of the shadows tomorrow. I will also post a photo of me wearing some of the shadows just for the heck of it! And of course I will share the rest of my make-up and beauty buys.

Is there anything else I need to get in Sephora?

I hope you’re all having a great weekend

Amy x



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  • Emma Burke

    Where can you order the Kat Von D makeup in Ireland?I tried Sephora but had no look.I can’t set up an account with them.

  • Brianna

    I bought this and LOOOVE It. It has become one of my favourite go to pallets to use, and the colour pay off is amazing. I think you will really like it.

  • Ciara

    ooh if you buy more stuff be sure to review it! im going to Paris at easter and there is around 16 sephoras in Paris so hoping to find one! have a great time amy!

  • FleurDeForce

    My fave from sephora are the special packs of loads of products from one line – think they are really good for trying stuff out; also good for travelling! xo

    my faves are the laura mercier flawless face kits and they had a stila one when i was there in sept with a stila bronzer and an illuminator for $10!

  • Rhiannon

    Their foundation!!

    And, through their website, they have tons of good deals and giveaways…you should definitely check that out.

  • Elisa

    I would love to go to a Sephora but there isn’t one in my part of Canada :(

    This palette looks gorgeous, can’t wait to see pics of you wearing it!

  • mary

    If you haven’t tried Stila’s Topaz eyeliner, that might be worth a glance. :) I really like it for my waterline to give that “awake” look, and it’s more natural than a white eyeliner, IMO. Also, the new NARS foundations – Sheer Glow and Sheer Matte. I haven’t tried the Glow yet, but I have the Matte and really like it!

  • suzanne

    juicystar07 aka blair has a video on all of the Kat Von Dee palettes

  • Louise

    Oh wow I have heard so much about these can’t wait to see some swatches xxx

  • Becky

    sephora is amazing isn’t it!!! you should get some of their own brand stuff coz its really good & cheap too :)

    have a look at products from ‘cargo’ don’t think we can get it here and they have really good stuff, and really cute packaging!! there is even a lipstick called kilarney :P dunno if its nice though!!! have a look at their blushes they are really good!!

  • Laura

    Oh my gosh you lucky thing Amy :) I would die to get into a Sephora (or close to dying at least!!), I’ve wanted that Sephora OPI Metro Chic nail polish since I came out of the womb, or so it seems!

    I’ve heard the Sephora foundations are good, maybe try those?

    I really love the look of that Kat Von D Palette, can’t wait for some looks with that :)

    Hope you’re having fun…bring back some lovely things to show us, I can’t wait to see the haul video!

    Lots of love, Laura xxxxx

  • Leelee

    **sqealing** I got that palette just this past month and have been using it nearly 4 days out of 7 each week. I just love it so much! SO pigmented! You will get fallout for sure, but I get so much use out of it that I just don’t care. It’s my favorite palette for a smoky eye look. Razor gray is about the only gray or silver I can use that doesn’t make me look muddy/drab and brightens up my eyes. I think it might be the greenish undertone that makes it so great. “Leather” is such a great brown too…In short, this has quickly become my favorite go to palette. Hope you enjoy it and post some looks/tuts using this palette. Did you tape your first trip to Sephora for youtube? That would be a fun vid to watch. Have fun on your trip :)

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