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Sephora Nano Lip Liners – My thoughts

I have been meaning to pick up some of Sephora’s Nano Lip Liners since I read Lollipop26’s review. She loved the shade Native Nude (the name was enough to make me buy it).

When I was in Chicago I popped into Sephora – okay “popped” is not the right word, perused intensely is more appropriate – and tried out some of the liners on the back of my hand. I settled on Native Nude and Candid Candy.


I was initially taken aback back the size of these liners – they’re tiny. They are roughly half the size of an ordinary lip pencil. But at $5 each I probably shouldn’t complain.

Consistency wise, they aren’t overly soft and creamy but aren’t dry either, in my opinion they’re just right.

Here’s a little swatch…

Native Nude is my favourite – shocker. The colour is a beigey nude (comes off lighter on the lips than in the swatch) and although it has a brown base it’s doesn’t come off brown on the lips. It is the exact same colour as my lips, which is what I was after. When I apply it I layer it over most of my lip. It provides subtle definition and helps keep my lipstick and gloss on longer. What I like most about it is that it works with every single lipstick shade.

Native Nude

Candid Candy is exactly what it sounds like – a candy pink shade. It lasts quite well and works with all pink lipsticks and glosses. It even works well with some nude shades. It does have a lavender hint to it which may not work so well with medium to darker warm skin tones but it works a treat on my complexion (NC25).

Candid Candy

So all in all I love these. If only they were longer!

What is your favourite lip liner?


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  • Michelle S

    Have to say I love Mac and Smashbox lip pencils. I have pigmented lips and I almost always have to wear a lipliner unless I’m wearing a really dark shade of lipstick. Looks like I might have to settle for Mac’s lip pencils only however as Smashbox seem to have discontinued their range of lip liners (barring the nude lip pencil). :( Mac pencils are great value for money though as they’re longer than most lip pencils out there.

  • Ciara

    I don’t use lip liners but my girlfriend uses these ones and seems to like them. There has been no complaints from her anyway. I am pretty sure she has the lighter one you have there. I remember picking it out with her. May just try hers out when I am next in her house. ;) I don’t use lip liner. I don’ see it makes much difference to me. Maybe I am totally wrong and just haven’t been using a good one. I dunno.

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