Share the Love – Part 1

Here are some YouTubers I’m loving right now. There are so many ladies I want to mention so I’ll make this a regular feature on my blog. Here are the first 5 lovelies: (Click on their picture to go to their channel)

Channel IconI love Lisa’s videos. I look forward to her Friday hauls all week, they are like a ‘weekend signal’. She is such a beautiful person, inside and out. I especially love that she lists what makeup she is wearing in the sidebar


Channel IconI’ve been watching Brittney’s videos since I joined YouTube. I always love her make-up and especially enjoy her tutorials. Brittney is not afraid of using colour so I find her inspiring. I also enjoy her outfit posts.


Channel IconLisa needs no introduction. If there is a product you are unsure of buying, check Lisa’s channel out, she has probably reviewed it! She is honest about every product she reviews and gives great advice. I always consult Lisa’s channel before buying a make-up item.


Channel IconI love Erin’s videos. She is so genuine and cheerful. I look forward to her hauls and love her tutorials. I like the way she puts looks together. Her make-up is always perfect!


Channel IconFleur has only started making videos in the last 2 months and I’m delighted she’s doing so well. It’s not hard to see why! She is so genuine, so pretty and has fantastic taste in make-up (and handbags!). I look forward to her videos.


More to come soon :)

Amy x

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  • Emma

    Wow thanks for the suggestions Amy. Just discovered your videos recently on YouTube and loving them :)

  • chloe flynn

    hey amy i really want 2 get the St.moriz tan cos im sick of lik 40euro in ch chemist dwn here in kerry i need it 4 shows i looked it up on ebay nd i was wonderin who 2 buy it off of cos sometimes it could b doggy wilkl u give me the persons name plz dat u got it off tanxx chloe xo0xo0xo0xo0o0x

    • Amy

      Hi Chloe, I’ll check and get back to you. Penneys sell it if you’re near one x

  • Rachel

    This is so good of you!!! I had not heard of Fleur before you posted this and now am absolutely loving her videos…she has fan-tas-tic taste and seems like such a genuine girl…love love love…just watched bout 2 hours of her videos and have sorted out my xmas wish list now:)…should ave been studying 4 an exam 2mro…oops!!!

    • Amy

      Haha Good luck in your exam!

  • itarisita

    so nice of you to be doing this =]

  • Brittany

    This is great, Amy! I haven’t heard of any of these girls (surprising!), so I will definitely be checking them out.
    I’ve planned on doing the same type of post – sharing the love – I’ve seen them on other YouTubers/Bloggers sites before. You will be on my list! :)

  • desiiGirl87

    i love erin’s videos, by far one of the most genuine youtubers!

  • nicole

    oh i have not heard of Fleur, will be checking her out !

  • Nancy

    Brittany and Fleur are my favorite people to watch as well.

  • Fleur

    YEEE! Thank you soooo much Amy! I’m so flattered! Big grin on my face all evening now! :-D

    Fleur xo

  • Brianna

    Thanks for the post I love hearing about awesome youtubers!

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