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Sigma Complete Kit

I have heard nothing but positivity about the Sigma brushes over the last few months. Many of you recommended them and a few messaged me to say I needed them. Who am I to disagree?

So, I bought the Professional Brushes Complete Kit (I blame you!) They cost $69 for 12 brushes from here. You can also buy the kit without the brush roll for $20 less.

I know this is more than many people are willing to spend on brushes but when you consider the cost of MAC brushes this feels like robbery.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Sigma yet, they create dupes of MAC brushes; A Mac 249 Brush is a Sigma SS 249 etc.

They arrived a few days after Christmas and I have been trying them out every day since. I am going to record a video on my experience with them but for now let me tell you that they are worth every penny, and more. They are now mixed in with my mac brushes because they are such good quality that I can barely tell the difference.

I absolutely love these brushes! They are the same quality as my MAC and Make Up For Ever brushes.

And yes Irish ladies, they deliver to Ireland. (For you ladies who are not Irish, good companies hardly ever ship here. Completely ridiculous!)

What are your experiences with Sigma brushes?

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  • Sharon

    Hey! I’ve read loads of reviews on these brushes and I’m thinking about buying the synthetic kabuki kit. But, I was wondering which shipping option did you use and did you get charged a lot for customs? Also how long did it take to ship to Ireland? You’d be really helping me out if you could answer those questions! Thanks!

  • Michelle

    Hi Amy,

    Just wondering did you have to pay a customs charge on these brushes?

  • Stacey

    Hi Amy , i want to get sigma brushes for my birthday … but when i try ordering them ireland doesnt come up on the website ? can you help me please :( thanks xox

    • Michelle

      Hi Amy,

      Just noticed your comment while I was reading the post. You need to select Republic of Ireland in the drop down menu. Hope this helps :o)

    • Eileen Larkin

      Its under the Republic of Ireland

    • sarah

      they do its under the republic of ireland

  • Chris

    I commented earlier that I could not find individual Sigma brushes. The reason now being that they have altered their numbering system. They are not now SS Mac numbers. If you go to U Tube under heading – Sigma new brush numbering system, an excellent reveal of what each brush is now numbered. So I can now obtain seperate brushes from Sigma’s website. What a relief!

  • Chris

    I am very annoyed, I cannot find individual sigma brushes that you can order like Mac. I have some Mac, but Sigma is great and i don’t want to buy a set as it would be a repeat of some I have, and the set does’nt include the ones I want. Banging my hed on a wall! help….

  • Reme

    After reading/watching all the great online reviews of Sigma I’ve just caved in and ordered the ‘professional brushes complete kit’ AND the travel kit – can’t wait until they arrive!!!

  • Elaine

    Has anyone tried the makeup they have on their site?

  • nobrush

    sorry for previous posting. the sigma brushes that are more expensive is a special combo that includes 12 brushes + brush roll + fun colors makeup kit.
    Basic Complete kit (12 brushes) still same price $69

  • nobrush

    I went online today to finally get my Sigma brushes kit to sadly see that they went up A LOT and now are $113 so I didn’t got them. I was expecting to pay about $70 max.

  • Nic

    I purchased my sigma brushes about a month ago. I paid 89 + shipping and came out to 105. Personally I would not recommend these brushes. I find them very overpriced. The brush roll look rather cheap. My biggest problem with the brushes is they shed a lot. Even the eye brushes shed too. I have ELF brushes and none of them shed. Elf brushes are so much more cheaper than sigma, I just cannot understand why it shed so much since its so expensive. In terms of application wise, I dont see any difference in applying my makeup. They are just like regular brush you can get at the drugstore. Sigma wont let me return the brushes because they are used. I will probable sell them on ebay and buy ecotools, sephora or sonia kashuk brushes.

    Just my point of view.

    • Amy

      @Nic Sorry to hear your bad experience Nic, good idea to sell them! YI have noticed a few of them shed but so do my MAC and MUFE brushes so I didn’t think much of it. For make-up application I find them as good as any of my professional brushes. Just shows, what’s good for one person may not be for another. Hope you make your money back selling them. And thanks for posting you comment, good to have all sides.

  • allyg84

    just bought Sigma’s complete kit of 12 brushes, costs $69 + $14 shipping to Ireland (without the brush roll), which brings it to about €69 euro in total…. looking forward to them!

  • alanna

    just wondering is it safe so to order off their website? how long does it take to deliver to ireland and how much in euro?
    thanks girls x

  • breda

    bought these brushes for my daughter and they are great. every bit as good as mac and cheaper too. want them myself now:)

  • Mags

    Hi guys. I’m now pretty interested in this set too now as an almost brush virgin!!! Also interested on Customs/Vat/Duty charges for Ireland. Did you pay much extra?

  • Ciara Murray

    I’m intrested in buying these, I can’t wait to see your video.

  • Marina(Makeup4all)

    Hi Amy!
    I heard about these brushes a lot, too.
    But if you say that they are good I think I should try them! I got a Deluxe(5) set of Lancome brushes for $60 and 1 of them was missing!!! And I am NOT happy with them. I mean they are nice but not super great. And MAC brushes in the set are MUCH worse than individuals!

  • Ann-Margaret / Londongirl29

    Oh my gosh I’m so please you said they were great as I’m getting that set for my birthday next month, yippee!!!!!

  • Emma Jane

    I got mine for Christmas and I’m loving them! The quality is amazing and they really do give Mac a run for their money!

    I’m thinking of placing an order for some of the other brushes, I want them all!

  • She

    just got my sigma complete kit this week. loving them so far. very good purchase for those who are lemming on mac brushes but don´t want to spend so much.

  • Elaine

    Got the Professional Brushes Complete Kit for Christmas… *LOVE* They really are amazing!! Was looking at them for ages and was so glad to hear they delivered to Ireland xxx

  • kate

    Oh Amy, Im so glad you finally tried them. I am so in love with mine! they are great!! I have a small question for you, when i use my SS 187 with my Revlon Colourstay, it seems to stain the brush and make the bristles stick together really badly, i use brush cleaner straigh after, which only helps a little!!! Should I change my foundation?? If so, im looking for one with full coverage as i have some scarring on my cheeks!
    Lovegame92 from youtube :) we talked before hee hee

  • Anita

    I just put in a second order for Sigma Brushes the other day. I was surprised.. some of their brushes are even SOFTER than the MAC ones! I already have the mini sized travel set which is perfect for on the go. It includes the mini 187 brush.. I LOVE IT <3 My second order was for some more everyday brushes. I couldn't bring myself to buy the MAC ones because they're so expensive so I was super happy when I discovered the Sigma ones. They really are excellent dupes! :) xx

  • Essjay23x

    Yay, i ordered these last weekend and was a bit worried i’d given in to the hype but there are just no bad reviews out there. Just more hype, can’t wait for them to arrive!

  • DeAnna

    I have yet to purchase MAC or Sigma brushes, but I have been drooling over the Sigma ones for a very long time. I will start to save my pennies and purchase them as soon as i can! look forward to your video of them.

  • Sooz

    Love it too! Wonderful affordable brushes, and they are very good quality. Totally recommend :-)

  • Evelien

    The only reason I didn’t buy them yet is because I’m affraid I will have to pay extra tax…
    How much did you pay in total? (in euro’s?)

    • Amy

      I think 70

  • Bianca

    I love my sigma brushes. I have them for quite a while now and they are fabulous!!!

  • Cat

    I have been looking at these brushes for so long and have them saved in my favourites but just couldn’t decide if I really needed them-you have now just made up my decision! I’m going to buy them straight away :-) can’t wait to see your video on them x x

  • Lex

    Honestly, I only have a few MAC brushes, but I don’t feel like I need many more, because of my Sigma ones :). I love them all equally, but it’s hard to think about buying more MAC ones when they are so much more expensive! I do want a couple of Sephora brushes, though ;). It’s LisaLisaD’s fault :).

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