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Sigma Paris Palette Swatches…


I have had the Sigma Paris Palette in my collection for a few months now. I saw Sigma tweet that it’s on sale today and I remembered that I never shared swatches and my thoughts.

The Paris Palette was my first taste of Sigma’s eyeshadow palettes. It contains some gorgeous bright shades and the E55 – Eye Shading and F40 – Large Angled Contour brushes. The packaging is absolutely lovely too, very well presented. The palette itself is made of stiff cardboard, it’s fairly durable considering. There is also a mirror in the lid – I never understand when brands leave a mirror out of a palette, hello Still Light As Air!





As a little side note, this palette was developed with YouTube make-up guru’s who selected the shades inspired by Paris. You will find tonnes of tutorials using the palette on YouTube if you fancy a browse.

The two brushes in palette, E55 and F40…


I absolutely love Sigma’s brushes. They are the same quality as my MAC ones and cheaper. The eyeshadow brush is great for packing on shadow and the blushes one is the perfect shape for cheek application. I also use it as a contour brush. You will definitely need a fluffy eyeshadow brush to blend out the shadows though.
There are 8 shades in the palette:
Eiffel – Matte black with rainbow sparkles. Developed by Tiffany aka MakeupbyTiffanyD.
Seine – Satin navy blue. Developed collaboratively by all gurus involved in the project.
Louve – Matte saturated teal. Developed by Josh aka Petrilude.
Orsay – Matte meduim green with gold flecks. Developed by Suzy aka MacNC40.
Elysées – Satin plummy brown. Developed by Dulce aka DulceCandy87.
Notre Dame – Metallic taupe. Developed by Christine aka xteeener.
Triomphe – Reddened brown with green duochrome. Developed by Jen aka frmheadtotoe (that’s me!).
Versailles – White-gold with gold flecks. Developed by Leesha aka xsparkage.



These 4 shades are my favourite – they work better with my colouring and are very wearable. The next four are for a more cheery day. Admittedly I’m a fan of neutrals but I have dabbled with Seine and Louvre as eyeliner and also as a second crease colour with other neutral shadows. Of course if you’re a fan of colour than these will be right up your alley.




Both are lovely. The highlighter (far right) is a shimmery, warm toned shade. The plum and peach toned blushes are both easy to wear.  I swatches them with my finger for this pic so remember that will be more sheer when applied with a blush.


All in all this is a nice palette. I have picked up far too many neutral  toned palettes over the past year so it’s nice to see a bit of colour. The pay-off is also good as you can see and the addition of two brushes really make the set good value.

The palette is on sale today for $49 (€36) today which is $10 off the usual price Link! This palette is limited edition.

Do you have this palette? Have you tried any of Sigma’s other palettes?

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