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Sigma’s Cleansing Gadget for Perfect Makeup Application?

I’m often sucked in by beauty gadgets and gizmo’s, usually hair related. Lately I have been pondering about cleansing tools.

Designed to polish your skin and leave it perfectly smooth and flawless before and after your make-up application. I’m intrigued.

You apply your cleanser and apply the brush head to your skin. It comes with different heads and it’s recommended to use the medium or firm head once a week to exfoliate the dead skin cells and the soft brush daily for one minute before make-up application. It’s also recommended that those with sensitive skin should use the softest brush head only.
What appeals to me most about this product is the promise of a flawless make-up application. We all know how important it is to have a good base for great make-up and yet it’ hard to achieve. I always find my make-up both adheres and looks better when applied after a good exfoliation but this only happens once a week since (I only exfoliate once). I like the idea of soflty exfoliating every day. There are lots of similar products on the market, namely Clarisonic, but they’re more expensive than Sigma’s version. I would love to hear from anyone who has tried a similar product.
It costs $39 from Sigma. I’m considering a purchase.
What do you think?
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  • Pia

    I’m curious how this would compare to the Clarisonic. Just don’t have the spare cash right now to splurge on facial toothbrushes :)

    • Amy

      Ha ha :) I’m curious too. I have a clarisonic on the way so I’ll do a comparison soon

  • Aileen

    hmm, sounds interesting but wonder about using it everyday, know it’s gentle but still not sure. Dying to hear some comments from anyone who has used it!

    • Amy

      My thoughts exactly Aileen

  • Boo

    Aw I so want one !!! But can’t justify it for a clarasonic !!! :( but might for this let u’s no if u get it !! Xxx

    • Amy

      Will do Boo x

  • Shelley

    I have never tried the Sigma version either and am considering it as well. To me, it looks quite inviting.

    Follow my Beauty Blog… Its just new. I’d appreciate that. Thanks loves.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!!

    Hugs & Kisses

    • Amy

      Thanks Shelley x

  • Lisa

    Forgot to add that it was only 7.99$ (US Dollars) and the Neutrogena Sonic is 13.99$ refills are 5.99$


    • Amy

      Thanks a mil Lisa

  • Lisa

    I use the Neturogena Wave which has pads for daily use and exfolating as well as Shine & Bleimsh Pads (which I just found out) . I like it so far as I’ve only used it relegiously for about two weeks.

    Will give an update after two more weeks.

    • Amy

      Looking forward to hearing how you get on!

  • Lillian

    I really really want this. I’ve wanted a clarisonic for ages now but doubt I will ever justify the cost. And this one is even cuter! I love the retro packaging.

    • Amy

      Gorgeous packaging :)

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