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Is it that simple? Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturising cream

This post is fro Tasha who asked me about Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturising Cream. Instead of posting a comment response I thought I would do a post on this product since many of us have tried Simple products. I have done some research.

This product claims to give long lasting moisturisation for dryer skins, contains a sun filter and Vitamin B5 which will lead to soft skin. Will it?

According to some experts in the know, the ingredients in this cream are very ordinary. It is also almost identical to other simple moisturisers. The same experts believe that the sun filter cannot be relied upon to protect the skin from aging and damage as it doesn’t have a sunscreen rating.

Have a look at the host of potentially toxic chemicals in this product:

Propylparaben: Strong evidence supporting that this ingredient can be toxic to the skin and lead to allergic reaction (Cosmetic Industry Review) More worrying there is evidence showing developmental and reproductive disruption (Oishi S, 2002)

Methylparaben – Stong evidence showing this ingredient is a human skin toxicant which can cause reaction  (Nagel JE, Fireman P, 1977). I have been informed that this comes down to the quantity of this ingredient used.

C13 -14 Isoparaffin: Mixture of mineral oils that come from petroleum. Mineral oils can lead to excessive dryness.

Petylene Glycol, Panthenol: Emerging concerns over these ingredients.

Personally I think a range of potentially harmful ingredients without SPF or anything nourishing or of benefit to the skin is a waste of our time and our money.

And we wonder why our skin is breaking out!

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