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Is it that simple? Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturising cream

This post is fro Tasha who asked me about Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturising Cream. Instead of posting a comment response I thought I would do a post on this product since many of us have tried Simple products. I have done some research.

This product claims to give long lasting moisturisation for dryer skins, contains a sun filter and Vitamin B5 which will lead to soft skin. Will it?

According to some experts in the know, the ingredients in this cream are very ordinary. It is also almost identical to other simple moisturisers. The same experts believe that the sun filter cannot be relied upon to protect the skin from aging and damage as it doesn’t have a sunscreen rating.

Have a look at the host of potentially toxic chemicals in this product:

Propylparaben: Strong evidence supporting that this ingredient can be toxic to the skin and lead to allergic reaction (Cosmetic Industry Review) More worrying there is evidence showing developmental and reproductive disruption (Oishi S, 2002)

Methylparaben РStong evidence showing this ingredient is a human skin toxicant which can cause reaction  (Nagel JE, Fireman P, 1977). I have been informed that this comes down to the quantity of this ingredient used.

C13 -14 Isoparaffin: Mixture of mineral oils that come from petroleum. Mineral oils can lead to excessive dryness.

Petylene Glycol, Panthenol: Emerging concerns over these ingredients.

Personally I think a range of potentially harmful ingredients without SPF or anything nourishing or of benefit to the skin is a waste of our time and our money.

And we wonder why our skin is breaking out!

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  • Arnold Weisengruber

    My sister who is looking for a moisturizing cream like this is always eager to know different available products for her sensitive skin. She has tried various ways to make her skin supple and smooth but it seems that the result is just half of what she wanted. Maybe this cream will be effective for her type of skin.

  • Aimskii

    I didn’t even think to check for panthenol because it said “suitable for sensitive skin”. Outcome was a horrible allergic reaction :( .

  • little.angel

    URggg, this breaks me out like crazy >”< I just used it for a day and my whole face turned into a disaster. Wish I read this before buying those things. I hate Simple!!!!

  • lorraine

    hey amy, great post as usual. after reading it i went looking at the products i use, i use nivea and garnier face products and they have the metylparaben in it :-(
    even the red bottle loreal shampoo has it :-(
    and now as im looking at my pink mosaic wheel from n.y.c i see that has metylparaben in it too :-(.
    not good i guess i wonder does that cause the dryness on my chin i get from time to time.

  • Tasha

    So my skin has been alot better recently however had two massive what I can only call mountains appear on my face yesterday. Painful spots but im just leaving them as messing will just make them worse. One about a cm away from side of mouth and the other is about 2cm above that one. I do have visable pores around that area. Also my skin is so dry at the sides of my face at the moment. Im not sure if the heating in my apartment is effecting it in anyway, as moved there about 4 months ago and my bedroom is very small so not sure if the heat blasting out is causing some of my skin problems? Any advice? x

  • innerbelle

    hey Amy, its been ages since i commented on any of your posts, just cause iv been super super busy and havnt a chance to read em all yet!

    Im actually using this moisturiser atm, even though the title makes it out to be a rich moisturiser, it feels very light on the skin and isnt very moisturising, well it is after you slap on tonnes of this stuff. I well do a full review shortly(once i finished it), My skin is actually tolerating this product pretty well.

    Thanks for the break down lovely!

    • Amy

      @innerbelle Oooh looking forward to your review! x

  • Lyndsey

    Ahh, yes Simple. I ran out of my normal cleanser last year, and ran to the local Boots for anything I could get my hands on until my order arrived.
    I cannot believe how awful my skin became in the few days I used the product.

  • roisin

    thanks so much for the post made me think twice now i have been using simple products for year n have notices red vains on my face recently i think the simple products may have something to do with it now
    can you please recommend a good face cleanser or a good skin care range that is affordable
    thanks amy

    • Amy

      @roisin I’m on it :) Will do a post this week

  • shauna kelly

    i used to use simple and then my best friend started to use it too. unfortunately for her her skin did break out in an allergic reaction.she had to stay off school for 3 days until the swelling went down. i saw a ppicture of her her cheeks and lips had swelled up. and she got red blotches around her face. so i never used them again . i was the lucky one in that situation.

    • Amy

      @shauna kelly That is terrible!! The poor girl, It’s very irresponsible of a company to market their products as gentle and kind when they are neither

  • Claire

    I think it’s a bit crazy how they can pass this stuff off as doing good for your skin when it’s doing the opposite, total joke really! Thanks for sharing with us Amy I will know to stear clear of this! :) Claire

    • Amy

      @Claire Thanks Claire!

  • Elaine

    thanks so much for letting us know. i bought the simple hydrating light moisturiser at the weekend and found it really drying :(

  • kerrie

    I 100% agree..! I used to have oily/problem skin. My dermatologist put me on roaccutane medication which is wrking perfect for me But… most cream cleaners/washes, moisturisers etc etc sting the hell out of my skin at the mo that i have to just get it off as quickly as i can. the medication has made my skin very sensitive. few ppl said to me to use “simple” products as “apparently” it contains no alcohol, perfume etc so shouldnt be harsh on my skin..nooooooooo no no quite the felt like it was burning the skin off me..!! my skin will only be this sensitive for a few months but i feel sorry for ppl who have it all the time because there are very few products out there, they claim to be for sensitive skin but clearly they arent. It really annoys me how these companies can claim they do this an that but basically they’re just lying to us the consumer..xx

    • Amy

      @kerrie Well said!

  • Beth

    Thanks so much for this article and pointing out the hidden ingredients. It really annoys me when companies promote their products as ‘natural’ or ‘kind to the skin’ when they are far from it. Great article :)

    • Amy

      @Beth Thanks Beth, marketing is a scary thing by the looks of it!

  • Linda

    Thanks for the info in that post Amy! I was so horrified by your recent blog post about the harmful chemicals we use in our cosmetics and the effects they can have on our skin. Since then Ive been trying to find out the ingredients of Simple products and couldnt find it anywhere! So thanks for the heads up Amy! Love this site, keep up the great work! :) xxx

    • Amy

      @Linda Thanks Linda x

  • Catriona

    It’s not like it’s a good moisturiser anyway! I’ve an unfinished bottle in my drawer as it’s really not that moisturising. It takes ages to skin in and when it does, your skin is still dry so you need to apply more!

    • Amy

      @Cartiona That’s very true, I had the same problem when I used it, it didn’t moisturise at all

  • Corkgirl

    its amazing, Im not sensitive to any products EXCEPT simple! I remember years ago using their eye makeup remover and my face flared up red for hours, I had to wet a towel and hold my face in it , it was so bad I got such a fright!

    • Amy

      @Corkgirl The same thing happened to me! I used the whole range when I was 17/18 and had nothing but reactions

  • Tarandip

    I absolutely love how you promote good products for our delicate skin.
    I am just starting to ponder about what is good for my skin and was hoping if you could recommend me some natural and safe products – cleanser,moisturiser,exfoliant (skin on my face is normal to combination), body scrub,body butter (I have dry skin for my body) and body sunscreen

    I am also wondering whether it is necessary to put on an eye cream, because if you were to look up paula’s choice on youtube, she is strongly against it, claiming that ingredients in eye creams are about the same in any moisturiser

    Really need help here! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    P.S. I am currently using Olay White Radiance UV Whitening lotion with UVB/UVA protection as a moisturiser and sunscreen for my face – is that good enough as sunscreen?

  • Tasha

    Thank you Amy for doing this post! I definately will not be using this again. I have since gone back to Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel and that seems to be fine and its also cooling a refreshing on the skin since it is getting warmer. Thanks again x

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