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Smooth Feet

I mentioned Avon Pedi Peel by Foot Works in a recent video and thought it deserved a blog mention.

For me, having smooth feet is one of the nicest feelings in the world. I have spent so much money on foot products over the years. For a while I was using the Ped-Egg. Although I got great results I noticed that the skin grew back much faster and worse than before. When I researched this I found that when the skin in under attack (from grating, cutting etc) it responds through over compensation. So not only does new skin grow back but it can grow back faster and thicker. This wouldn’t be a problem if you used Ped-Egg regularly. But for me,the dry skin I get on my heels doens’t warrant that amount of work.

I ordered the Avon Pedi Peel pads from my local Avon rep about 6 months ago. Before I go to bed I wipe a pad on both heels and bin it.

When I’m showering I then use my own Lavender Oat Scrub Bar on my feet (very gently). I no longer have dry skin, my feet are baby smooth.

What do you do to keep dry skin on your feet at bay?

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  • Larissa

    Apart from getting pedicures twice a month, I don’t do much, although I really should. Sometimes I’ll apply a thick ointment like Aquaphor on my heels and toes, and when I remember to, I try to exfoliate in the shower, although that’s rare! These Avon pads seem so practical, I think I’ll have to order some!

  • Lillian

    I’m using an avon ped-egg equivalent, i didn’t know about it making the hard skin come back faster D: thanks for the heads up!

  • katie

    wow-those avon pads sound amazing..i must try them now, always eye them up in the catalogue :)

  • Brittany

    Good to know about the pedi egg!! I have the Revlon version and I don’t use it too often, because, to be honest it kind of creeps me out! lol.

    I have the Avon Pedi Peel pads too, however, mine dried out after only a couple of months. :( i’m surprised yours are still okay. Maybe I didn’t close the lid tight enough or something. I may have to give them another try, because I did like the results I was getting when they were still moist.

  • hanna

    I’m an avon representative and have never tried the pedi peel pads, but after seeing your video I just ordered myself some :)

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