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Smooth Lips Mission

Right, I am sick of dry, flakey winter lips! I find it so irritating that every lipstick I apply looks awful because of the state of the skin underneath. Usually I apply Carmex at night and that does the trick. In Winter it’s not enough, thank you fussy lips!

Why? It’s probably because down to freezing temperatures, icy winds and central heating. No doubt there are thousands of you in the same boat. So I am on a mission to get rid of the dead skin and have smooth lips.

Today I raided the kitchen presses to find something I could use as an exfoliant. I wouldn’t use an abrasive scrub since the skin on lips is quite thin and fragile (I did try it a few years ago and my lip started bleeding, ooops!)

Get to it: I settled for baking soda. I put half a teaspoon into the palm of my hand and rubbed a damp toothbrush on it. I gently rubbed the toothbrush back and forth for about 15 seconds. Rinse and done!

Result: It loosened the  flakey, dead skin and left my lips softer. Brushing my lips seemed to  increase circulation temporarily and left my lips plump for a while, I love delightful side effects.

I’ll be doing this regularly, I love the feeling of smooth lips. I would advise that you do this over the sink to avoid mess.

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  • Lorraine

    great tip will be sure to try this. also bought a carmex today. have never used it before. its kinda tingly or something, like with a touch of menthol in it. definitely different to Vaseline.

  • Essjay23x

    Hi Amy
    Vaseline has been my saviour this year. I have neglected my lips for so long and I have paid it for this year. Vaseline really saved the day but of course, I want more and now I’m tempted to buy the mint body shop exfoliator. The ultimate dream product is Rose de Baume cream from Terrys, sigh! I really want a pot of that.

  • stephanie

    I went into Lush today and bought one of their lip scrubs. They are so great and get all the dry flakes off x

  • Shannon

    Uh i hate having dry lips!
    Thanks for the tip Amy. I will most definately have to try this(:
    I never know what to do when my lips go all flaky and dry, i usually just use vaseline, which helps for a while but not for long so thanks for the tip(:
    Love Shannon

  • Larissa

    I have awfully flaky lips year-round (bear in mind I live in Brazil and its SUMMER now, so I can’t blame it on the weather!). I think it’s because I involuntarily bite my lips all day so the skin does peel off… I hate it, but I can’t help it!
    I use Smashbox lip scrub every other day and it works okay. I’ve also used a mix of sugar and olive oil and it helps too.

  • Laurali87

    I was just in Lush today and they’ve brought out a new range of lip scrubs (Which I believe were actually part of their sister brand which has now been discontinued).

    I tried a couple out in the shop and may go back to buy one (Mint Julips in particular, chocolate and peppermint – amazing!)

    They seemed nice, because it’s sugar in the scrub they’re quite delicate and also you can lick them off!

    Laura x

  • BlabAboutBeauty

    thanks for this :D
    saw u in Tatler btw :)
    fair play to ya


  • Fee

    Good idea, ive never thought of using baking soda, ive used a sugar and oil scrub before which worked pretty well! I work outside so in the winter my lips are always awful – ill be trying this too!!

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