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So good yet so bad – Benefit Boi-ing Concealer

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Benefit Boi-ing concealer. I bought one a few years ago and used it up, to be honest at that stage I was a little indifferent to it. My skin has changed a lot since I last tried it.

Enter pic from Benefit website (since I don’t own one!)

I passed the Benefit counter in Dublin airport recently and decided to have another look at it. The sales assistant encouraged me to try some on so I happily smeared some over the blotchy areas. It was creamy, easy to apply and had fantastic coverage. It’s pitched as an industrial strength concealer, which I wanted. It’s expensive enough though (€20 in Dublin airport / £16.50 / $18) so I wanted to be sure.

I popped off for something to eat having decided that if it looked good after an hour I would go back and buy one. But when I went to check how it looked before my flight it had disappeared on some parts of my face, smeared on others and caked over my blotchy areas. I looked a million times worse than I had when I first approached the counter.

The result was probably down to my skin type and the fact that I was wearing Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation underneath (I doubt Bo-ing would set over a foundation of that consistency without powder if you have any oiliness). I reasoned that the coverage was great initially and that I just needed powder so I boarded my flight and settled on picking one up when I reached the US.

It wasn’t to be.

I landed in O’Hare airport only to find my face was covered in spots, an allergic reaction I presume. The reaction took at least 48 hours to die down. I was not a happy bunny!

This may be a fantastic concealer for someone with normal or normalish skin. The oils in my skin ate through it in one hour without powder. I also have sensitive skin that is prone to over-reaction (the one downside to making YouTube beauty videos and being a beauty blogger) so other people are probably unlikely to end up spotty after using it.

This one is definitely not for me. I have used Benefit’s Erase Paste and quite like it so I think I’ll stick to that for now. I find it very surprising, and annoying, that Benefit concealers only come in three shades – light, medium and dark. With the difference in skin undertones and enormous variation in skin colour I can imagine that many people do not fit into three categories.

Have you tried Bo-ing? Are you a fan?

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  • Kirsty

    Hello, i was looking up to see if anyone else has had a reaction to benefit makeup! I bought the ‘Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW’ foundation and for starters the lady at the counter didn’t match me to the correct colour, i was with a friend and we thought it was just the light but sure enough i was orange. I tried to fix it by mixing it and that didn’t work i tried it last week and my face got extremely hot and itchy! that’s when i took it off to find my skin blotchy and later on it had lots of spots. It continued to be itchy. I don’t know if it has just been me having bad luck with it or others have as well. i am 16 so it might be my age or something i don’t know.xx

  • Angel

    I bought the latest concealer
    and primer from Benefit and
    my once flawless skin is breaking out like crazy. I had never used their concealer or primer but many other of their
    cool products such as high beam,
    Red stain, and amazing tanning powders. So I assumed it was my new skincare that was causing the horrible breakouts.
    Nope through a process of elimination it is BOTH the concealer and primer. I’m returning them tomorrow!
    This is awful stuff. I have NEVER had a reaction to any make up before.

  • Rhinestic

    I’d the same problem too! I think I’d a slightly worse experience than you as I actually felt a little tingly pain at my dark circles area, a sign of allergy. Think it’s not an ideal product for someone with sensitive skin like me.. And ever since the allergy, it created more fine lines on my dark eye circles. =(

  • Alexa

    I have a love hate relationship with Boi-ing too. Unfortunately I bought it without even trying it (Silly I know). The coverage is absolutely amazing when first applied. It covers everything! My oily skin however decided it didn’t like it and after a hour or too Boi-ing was gone.

    I always find BeneFit products to be a little hit or miss. Their gimmicky packaging lures me every time though (Not an excuse I should use to buy their products though). So far the only product I have liked 100% is their Eye Bright pencil which is definitely an HG for me xxx

  • Jen

    I’m afraid to look at my Naked palette ingrediants now. I dont want to put dead beatles on my face!

  • Celeste

    have you tried the Mac pro long wear?

  • Bianca

    I have never really liked this concealer. I find that it doesn’t blend well at all in the under eye area and looks extremely caked on there. Also, I could still see my dark, blueish circles, so much for “industrial strength”.

  • Richella

    I’ve never tried boiing but the erase paste didn’t work for me – I think my skin is too dry for the formulation. I now use Diorskin nude for my dark circles and okay it doesn’t cover them completely but it does refresh my eyes and I don’t have to worry about horrible cakey residue.

  • Reme

    Me thinks it’s best to stick with MAC Select cover-up Amy ;-)

  • jaimie

    I used this concealer for a while and it worked really good on me. I was using the medium shade. The only reason I did not repurchased is because I realized you get a lot less product than MAC Studio and it cost more $$$$$. In Canada, I can by the MAC concealer for 20$ and the Benefit one is 26$
    It’s just not worth it for me!

  • Rachel

    Hi Tracey, the Urban Decay Vegan palette is an eyeshadow that’s 100% vegan and has some lovely colours, I got it for Christmas. I also got the Benefit Confessions of a concealholic kit, I don’t really buy Benefit/think it’s worth it, I like Benetint but 35eur on a blusher when MAC cream blush is 15/16 eur is excessive when you could get 2 MAC shades for the same money.

    My thoughts on Benefit are, if it was cheaper I’d try more stuff but the products in the concealing kit are only okay. I mix Boing shade one and two for the right colour for me. Lemonaid is crap, I think it’s for people with very dark eye lids, on my pale skin it looks terrible as a primer it’s useless. The eyebright is very ashy and I love a pink concealer for the under eye. Erase paste is good but even when powered I find it still looks wet under the eye. All in all, it looks lovely as a kit and that’s probably the best thing about it…

  • Emmie

    Totally agree with you about this concealer, did exactly the same on me, caked and also caused me to break out on the areas I used it!! Yet to find the perfect concealer…. ….want to try the Bobbi Brown one next. :-) x

  • Tracey

    they are not vegan products…nor do they state if they are 100% not testing on animals…so im not going to purchase anymore Benefit products…Lush and Urban Decay from now on ;)

    • Tracey

      Correction….i checked the ingredients of some Urban Decay products and they also use Carmine (crushed beatles) in their eye shadows

      • Reme

        Wow….. and gross…. many thanks for the info Tracey!

  • Stephanie Cummins

    :( Thats sad it didnt work for you, i use this ebveryday and its been amazing :(

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