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Some accessory shopping…

I’m accessory mad! At the moment I’m obsessed with bracelets. I’ve taken a break from anything that jangles when I move – I only end up removing them anyway.

Here are a few little items I have picked up…

I bought the first set in Penneys/Primark for €3. I bought a second set as I love the colours. They looks amazing with a tan. They also bling a little and I am partial to a bit of blingin’!

The next one, I love! I found this in Jane Norman, not a shop I frequent but I was bored. It was reduced to €3. They also had them in pink.

The third set came from Penneys too for €3. I love the colours and I like that they won’t jingle :)

The final set are from Dorothy Perkins. Again, not a shop I frequent, but I was glad I did when I found this bracelet set reduced to €2.50 from some ridiculous price. I have been wearing these a lot – they go with everything! And despite the charms, there’s no jingling :)

I’ve also been wearing this set separately – so pretty!

And lastly, a cheapy fun ring from Penneys for €3. I had on a grey nail polish and when I tried this one it looked very pretty.

I enjoyed sharing those, makes me appreciate them more :)

Have you any accessory addictions?

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