Sometimes a boring eyeshadow does the trick…

I picked up the most boring shade of eyeshadow I have ever seen a few weeks ago, Rimmel 246 Taupe.  They were giving this particular shade to customers with their sale for €1, who was I to say no.


Boring right? Why is that I have been using it every day since? Turns out that boring shadows are versatile. In the packaging it appears quite flat but there are hidden depths to this shadow. It’s home to some pretty reflective particles, with no glitter. I have worn it smudges all over the eye and underneath. The following day I wore purples on my lid and crease with Rimmel Taupe under the eye. Yesterday I wore it on the lid with MAC Satin Taupe in the crease. See, very versatile. Now it’s by no means stunningly beautiful, in fact far from it. It’s more like the Golden Delicious of the apple world, it’s no granny smith and miles from a Pink Lady (apple fan). But it is so wearable, versatile and bendable that I can’t stop using it.

Here is what it looks like, I swatched it with MAC shadows for reference.


Patina, Rimmel Taupe, Satin Taupe, Sable. Above – Omega

So as you can see it’s quite boring in comparison to some of my favourite neutral MAC shades. It’s worth to me comes from the fact that you can wear it with any shadow in my collection and somehow it works. It’s also a cool toned neutral. I like to mix a cool toned with a warm toned shade on my eyes.

Here is a weird little picture of what it looks like alone on the lid:


I may have a new staple. A boring one, but a goodie!

What’s you staple shadow?

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  • Pinklumpysugar

    You won’t belive it, but I got this eyeshadow a few months ago for 10 cents at Walmart!!! Hardly ever use it though, I will try it with Satin taupe now :)

  • ciara

    i think maybe this shade is discontinued or something and thats why it was being sold off cheap?
    i looked on the boots website, not there. and on the rimmel website its not there :(
    i was actually looking for a nice neutral shade to wear to school with mascara or liquid liner

  • Desi

    Hi Amy,
    I also love such boring colors, I use such browns on a daily basis, I put color when I go out with friends or when I feel especially happy. Today I bought Make Up Factory eyeshadows, a light and dark purple (94 and 95), absolutely gorgeous, they are my new staple eyeshadows, especially #94, LOVE it. This brand has wonderful colors, the browns were wonderful as well, I had really hard time choosing which ones to buy. Have you tried this brand? xx

  • Lex

    My new love is UD Underground shadow. I love taupes, so this is another “boring” yet fabulous versatile color :). Amazing!

  • Steelnpurple

    Sorry but my answer will be just as boring; Satin Taupe! :D

  • nicola-x

    Great post that eyeshadow looks lovely on, I will have to get this :) x

  • Sarah

    Hi Amy,
    Please do a video on looks which you can use on holidays. Im one of those people who has gotten so attached to my make up that I feel awkward not wearing it on holidays, even to the pool! So I thought it would be cool if you did a video on very light make up which lasts but also just covers what needs to be covered. Thank you! :)

  • annie

    i love those colors you don’t even have to think about! great post!!! try it with mac contrast or humid… bet it would look divine!


  • Lyndsey

    My little boring staple eyeshadow is one by Bourjois – Ombre Stretch in brun nylon. Recently found it on sale at ASOS, and didn’t think it would be great however I am very pleasantly surprised.

  • Kelly

    Funny you should post about this shadow as I went hunting for it over the weekend after you’d mentioned it in one of your recent videos. I had no joy finding it though, oh well :)

    I don’t currently have a staple shadow. I’ve been enjoying utilising my stash and picking and choosing different items to wear each day :)

    Kelly x

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