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Special Effects Adhesives for Make-Up Artists

When I started out in make-up the only adhesive I had to my name was Duo. While it’s great for eyelashes and latex it’s not really an all round adhesive. I have since explored other types and have found that they each have their strengths and drawbacks. So if you were wondering what adhesives to buy for your kit or are unsure about the one to choose to meet the requirements of the job at hand here is a little information on the types of adhesives used by artists and what they actually stick.

Duo – Sticks latex. Great as an eyelash glue. It can also be used to blend the edges of prosthetic pieces made from latex.

ProsAide – This sticks latex only. However, it can be mixed with water and used as a sealer on foam pieces.

Spirit Gum –  sticks latex, gelatine and plastic.

Dow Corning 355 Medical Adhesive – This is great stuff. It sticks plastic, gelatine and latex quickly. It can also be thinned using the same thinner used to thin Tipp-ex (trichlorotrifluoroethane – good job I didn’t have to attempt to pronounce this!).

Some of these adhesives are only necessary for the application of prosthesis and bigger jobs. If want to explore fantasy make-up or special effects however it’s worth making sure that you have something in your kit to stick anything!

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