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Spring Outfit – I wish I was wearing…

Every couple of months I pop onto Polyvore and play around with pretty clothes and accessories. It’s like being a 5 year old again.

I decided to publish this outfit since it’s me all over. It’s what I wish I was wearing today (instead of 90 denier tights and multiple cardigans!).

As ‘Amy’ as this outfit is, I shan’t be buying, have a look at the prices!

  • Spring Sophia Dress €248 –
  • Valentino Rivets Beige Leather £1,259 –
  • Alexander Wang Freja Mocha Open Toed Shoes £795 –

These few are a little more affordable…

  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Freash $85
  • Vintage Flower Silk Scarf  £22 – Miss Selfridge
  • Cutie Pie Jewellery Vintage Rose Charm Bracelet £20 –


I need to win the lotto :) Even looking at this image cheers me up!

What fashion buys are you planning this Spring?

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  • Trish

    Ok, so it’s my days off, I’m sick, it’s -25 Celsius outside… what’s a girl do?? I’ll tell you what she does, she pokes around Youtube and discovers Amy!! Then she spends the next two days absorbing all things Amy, and it begins to feel like spring has come a little early this year. I have never heard of Polyvore before. GASP ! I got lost in there just now, and discovered a pretty lacy dress that will go great with this denim blue leather jacket I got at Top Shop last spring. Now, how to get that dress in Canada?…

  • amoola

    love love love’s my addiction

  • robyn

    i’m dead over this outfit thats how cute it is! i’m loving simlar things right now! those boots are fantastic!

  • Tracey

    I usually look on polyvore website for ideas and then search for cheaper alternatives. im really surprised at how many near exact copies you can find in high street shops. nice outfit ;)

  • Mandy

    That outfit is fab…love love love the boots….

    • Trish

      I’s with you Mandy!

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