• Jamie

    I’ve only tried St. Tropez and fell in LOVE. However, I’m right there along with most women when they say “It’s TOO expensive”. I’m not sure why it’s so expensive but I’m assuming it’s like any other brand. You’re just paying for the name, in a nut shell. While it’s a gorgeous color and easy to apply, I’m looking at St. Moriz. My only concerns are as follows:

    -Is the color as dark as St. Tropez?
    -Where do I buy it in the US?
    -How long does the tan last?
    -Do I have to apply numerous times to get a noticeable tan? (As St. tropez gives me a noticeably gorgeous tan with one application)

    Those are just a few of my concerns. I might just try it! After all, What do I have to lose? Besides a whole 8 dollars (plus shipping) ::)

  • louise o neill

    i find st moriz brilliant as its cheap…but can leave skin dry,after you put it on when you wash off guide coat slap on a load of moisturiser…does the trick….st moriz wins hands down…st tropez price is extortion!!!!

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